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What is it About….

Being a wingnut after an election victory that eventually causes acute moral retardation?  She sounded a whole lot like Mel Gibson’s father talking about “the Jews”.

3 Responses to “What is it About….”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Who cares what some random actress says?  I’d be more concerned about elected officials like Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, etc.

  2. Lexington Green Says:

    Actresses get paid attention to because they are pretty.
    If I had a TV, I would just turn the sound off.  She may be worth looking at, but not worth listening to.
    People who are in the various arts are usually stupid about everything beyond their trade.  That is true about most people, but especially so about actors.  Hitchcock said, "actors are cattle" for a reason.   Good looks, a life devoted to make believe, often a rats nest of psychological and chemical issues behind the pretty face, little or no capacity or interest in reading books (which makes sense).  Some (Reagan), as their youth and hence career prospects fade, read and think and mature.  Very few do so.
    I would rather hear what a professional football player has to say, or the "brains" behind a successful rock band (Mick Jagger, Gene Simmons), than an actor or comedian.  At least these people engage with tangible reality with responsibility for the consequences of a bad game / performance. 
    Actors float into and out of performances, handled and pampered, used as paintbrushes in the hands of the people with brains who run the operation. 

  3. Seerov Says:

    "She sounded a whole lot like Mel Gibson’s father talking about “the Jews."

    The difference is that there’s "shock" and "outrage" when Gibson talks about the Jews but nothing of the kind when people talk about people of European descent (especially when they’re politically on the Right).  The actress in the article actually uses the term "rednecks" to describe white Republicans.  Could you imagine if some Right Wing entertainer called Mexicans "wetbacks" or African Americans "porch monkeys?"  The indignation would be ear shattering. 

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