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Early Announcement: Xenophon’s Anabasis Roundtable

After his skilled moderation of The Clausewitz Roundtable, my friend Lexington Green has announced a new roundtable at Chicago Boyz for Fall of 2009 that will be dedicated to Xenophon’s  The Anabasis of Cyrus.

For those interested in participating in this roundtable, leave a note here in the comments for Lex or over at Chicago Boyz.

3 Responses to “Early Announcement: Xenophon’s Anabasis Roundtable”

  1. Lexington Green Says:

    I am going to try to do a quick read-through, so I know the lay of the land.
    As of Book I, Chapter 6, I can say that leading an army of mercenary hoplites was not a task for a person of weak character. 
    It is also interesting to see a world where the framework and institutions we take for granted do not yet exist, or exist in only very basic form.  By comparison, Clausewitz lived just yesterday, in a very recognizable world. 
    Xenophon’s world is radically different.
    Some of our modern warlords would have found a niche back then:  https://zenpundit.com/?p=2444

  2. zen Says:

    Very true. We can relate to how the Ancient Greeks thought because we’ve inherited their best examples and that shaped western civ; that said, much of their life would be alien to ours. The Spartans essentially living amongst their cemetaries within their polis would strike moderns as a little creepy.
    Hmmmm, I believe it struck the other Greeks as creepy at the time, for that matter.

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