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Going Dark

First Chet Richards and now Abu Muqawama.

Hat tip to Isaac.

5 Responses to “Going Dark”

  1. Ian Says:

    It’s pretty sad to see them both go at the same time. That’s an extra ten minutes I can tack on to reading books per evening. But Zenpundit will still carry the flame for smart bloggers, right?

  2. zen Says:

    Heh. At least when no better substitute can be found. 🙂

  3. William F. Owen Says:

    Sorry to see Chet bow out. I’m a Boyd sceptic and I think 4GW is garbage, but DNI had it’s place. Good resource if nothing else.

  4. seydlitz89 Says:

    Sorry to see Chet go.  He was a cut above.

    Where do we go now for the latest Lindlaugh?

  5. zen Says:

    Agree on Chet. A good man and a voice of reason.
    Hey Wilf, glad that you stopped by, I owe you an email response.
    Hi seydlitz89
    John Robb has built a page to carry William Lind and is building another to house DNI’s Boyd material and archives. Ed Beakley of Project White horse is also establishing a page for Boyd and DNI material. All pages are currently under construction.

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