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David Kilcullen with Diane Sawyer

Dr. Kilcullen seems to have charmed Diane Sawyer quite handily, who gave a nice plug for his new book Counterinsurgency.

Hat tip to SWJ Blog.

5 Responses to “David Kilcullen with Diane Sawyer”

  1. slapout9 Says:

    Don’t know if it means anything but Killcullen was on Rachel Maddow last night and he made it a very distinct point that he has never advised General McChrystal.

  2. zen Says:

    Hi Slap,
    Ouch. McChrystal is now bleeding political capital. In public life, it is a bad sign when ppl begin making "I am not with him" declarations.
    I don’t watch TV but maybe I should start tuning in to this Maddow woman, she seems to have a lot of COIN ppl on with some frequency. Or at least see if her episodes are archived online somewhere.

  3. slapout9 Says:

    Hi Zen, here is the clip from the Maddow show. Killcullen starts at about 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the clip.


  4. Purpleslog Says:

    Kilcullen TV 24X7


  5. Lexington Green Says:

    Diane Sawyer looks great for 65.  That’s my main take-away from this. 

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