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Fabius Maximus, Futurist

This is good.

Bonus points for subtle sarcasm on FM’s part.

7 Responses to “Fabius Maximus, Futurist”

  1. historyguy99 Says:

    Brilliant FM!

  2. Fabius Maximus Says:

    Thanks for the good review!  I hope to see you all in 2100 AD to score the article’s accuracy.

  3. Edgewise.Sigma Says:

    Hmm… Makes me wanna play a game of "Keep Tomorrow Dark"
    (aka "Cheat the Prophet.")


  4. George A. Trosper Says:

    Am I missing something, or is "George Bush IV" fictional while Crystal Palin is historical, and already well past 16?

  5. Fabius Maximus Says:

    The Crystal Palin of today is the grandmother of the Crystal who marries George Bush IV. 

  6. Shlok Says:

    Nothing in there is supposed to be serious right? 

  7. Fabius Maximus Says:

    Each individual forecast is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.  Or your money back.
    More seriously, it’s speculation.  Hopefully thought-provoking.  However the substrate is factual.  As shown by the links (e.g., those for the Polywell).

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