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For Strategists, Security Scholars and Historians


A useful tool, much like Zenpundit himself.

National Defense University Library has digitized American National Strategy Documents in a searchable archive.


3 Responses to “For Strategists, Security Scholars and Historians”

  1. Karaka Says:

    I wonder if those files are visible from IPs outside the US. Just for curiosity’s sake.

  2. Lexington Green Says:



    Whose marginalia is that?

  3. zen Says:

    Good question. Policy Planning wrote the draft then presumably it would have crossed the desk of the undersecretary, the SECSTATE ( Acheson), Clark Clifford, the SECDEF (Johnson or Marshall), Truman, maybe his VP ( Barkley), maybe Chip Bohlen (Amb. to USSR). More skeptical comments were likely to have come from Bohlen or Clifford.

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