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Impeach Napolitano

Would DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano ever tolerate Border Patrol agents using the TSA “security” procedures on arrested illegal aliens that she demands American citizens submit to in order to catch a plane?

The woman really thinks she’s a central committee secretary of a small Eastern Bloc country circa 1982. Perhaps her view of ordinary Americans as dangerous security threats will change somewhat if she leaves office to become one of them again.

Then we can get a DHS Secretary who will take notice of the giant failed state to our South imploding under the attack of a rapidly expanding narco-insurgency instead of making it a top priority to get Mexican officials to use naked scanners at their airports. WTF?

What planet does she live on?


Apparently it is “Planet Oligarchy”.

Former DHS Secretary Chertoff has a lot of business riding on the USG enforcing the use of scanners on an unwilling public, which explains the TSA’s militant but politically inept position on scanning and groping. One of the bigwigs is trading on his government service and expects to feed at the public trough, so the bureaucrats are going to “hang tough”. Who the hell are we to dare to complain anyway?

16 Responses to “Impeach Napolitano”

  1. J. Scott Says:

    She is a leftist ideologue, so devoted to political correctness she cannot and will not do the right thing—-scary thing is, her boss probably has no problem with her thinking.

  2. slapout9 Says:

    TSA security procedures explained…..don’t sexually assault my kid!


  3. Chris C Says:

    The problem is that these people have no answers for the real problems, so deal with the dumbass little things which have no consequence in the real world. No one will seek to fix Mexico because fundamentally, no one has the appetite for the sort of money/time/effort it would take to fix it.

    Better just to learn how to play the fiddle as the fire rises.

  4. Eddie Says:

    I agree she is incompetent and ill suited for the position and thus should be impeached. In her defense, we should impeach ourselves though. God knows if the underpants bomber had been successful (or some bomber is successful tomorrow) they will be calling for Obama to be impeached, for gov’t officials everywhere to resign (how dare they screw up!) and in general for blood to be spilled for "incompetence" when the harsh reality is the gov’t succeeds often in stopping such attacks and rarely fails. Had McCain won, I have no doubt the Dems would do the same to him in the case of a successful terrorist attack. The public is responsible for this nonsense b/c we demanded en masse to "be protected" regardless of the consequences, whether that meant violating the Constitution religiously, torturing whomever; including American citizens, and spending whatever was required to keep the country safe at all costs. Now the public is finally getting a bitter taste of what its been approving of and demanding for years since 9/11.

  5. RMA Says:

    Better yet abolish the Department of Homeland Security. It has not made us safer. Dumb luck was the only thing stopping the underpants bomber and the mail bombers from success. We already had a Central Intelligence Agency and didn’t need another one. DHSs main task is making sure that in case of another successful attack the rear ends of all the people involved in protecting the nation are covered. This is the real reason for odious airport security procedures. When they fail the people responsible for them can say they did everything possible.

  6. SV Says:

    Sure, you can decapitate TSA/DHS, but not sure how much of a yield you’re going to get from it. The models/processes/thinking is fundamentally flawed, (security theater) and always has been. You’d be taking out a symptom, but the rot is still there.

  7. Eddie Says:

    RMA is right, given the ENORMOUS amount of waste DHS has piled up in less than a decade and the cash they’ve burned through.

  8. Chris C Says:

    Also agree with RMA, these departments serve only to justify their own existance, and when they can’t do it by doing something useful (stopping things blowing up) they do it by inventing new reasons (we need to be able to grope you to stop terrorism).

    I dont know enough about DHA (as a Brit) to talk with vast authority, but it seems to me that it has served almost entirely as a reactive organisation, rather than an innovative "get one step ahead of the bad guys" setup. The fact is that terrorists are unlikely to repeat successful types of attacks because there are so many good, easy targets they can move on to. We’re actually pretty lucky in that they seem to have a blind spot in targetting aircraft constantly. God help us if they wise up and start going down other avenues, because the DHA is way too busy looking down your pants to protect the ports/chemical plants/city centres.

  9. purpleslog Says:

    I am (and have been) with the Abolish DHS crowd.

  10. historyguy99 Says:

    Hear! Hear!

    I whole heartily support the sentiments of my fellow respondents to abolish the DHS and TSA. What a colossal Brain Flatulent the government had when it passed the idea of the DHS/TSA.

  11. Carli Says:

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  12. david ronfeldt Says:

    that security along the u.s.-mexico border is largely in the hands of a corp-gov complex, reflecting some of your points above, zen — very expensive, questionable effectiveness, oligarchic in design, bureaucratic too — has been and still is being amply documented and discussed at the "border lines" blog run by tom barry for several years now: 

  13. TDL Says:

    Agreed on the abolish the DHS/TSA complex as well.  I think we should also begin looking into whether or not Mr. Chertoff has been fraudulently pushing this scanner technology to enrich himself (I’m sure 80,000 former Arthur Anderson employees would love to seem him brought before the bar.)
    If the concern is Mexico, begin with the decriminalization of unapproved drugs.

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  15. Woodchuck Says:

    In spite of all their intrusive, offensive tactics, the TSA has not caught a single terrorist yet.

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