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Egypt: prayer vs water cannons

[ by Charles Cameron cross-posted from Brainstormers on the Web ]

For location / background, see Helena Cobban, Tactical deployment of Muslim prayer in nonviolence.

The image is from the middle of this YouTube video — you can see the prayers begin around the 3.25 mark, and the ending is also worth watching, as Cobban notes.

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  1. MM Says:

    Mark,I like your website updates. Looks good.But . . . the comments block is written in flash and won’t work on an iPad – or iPhone.Mike@shooteyeout

  2. zen Says:

    Hi MM,
    Yes, I have a list of site upgrades for my webmaster, one of which is a new comment plug in to resolve that ( I have an iPad too and would like to use it for commenting), the comment formatting problem, the screen shot appearance/sizing on mobile devices and a couple of other things I have written down on a folder. Tempted to just have a site re-design done but my time is constrained for that kind of project

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