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Gee, That’s No Way To Talk About Goldman-Sachs….


9 Responses to “Gee, That’s No Way To Talk About Goldman-Sachs….”

  1. Dave Schuler Says:

    I honestly don’t know what to make of that story–whether it’s something to be taken seriously or just seriously unhinged.

  2. zen Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I’m not sure either. This could be conspiracy-ish scapegoating. OTOH there is a shady relationship, or at least highly opaque one, between Sovereign Wealth Funds and US Hedge Funds where American hedge fund managers are allowing significant investment decisions about US industries and corporations to be indirectly made by foreign states that would not always be permitted to make direct investments or have ownership stakes here. Nor am I sure to the extent which the USG is accurately tracking these events, given the powerful influence the finance industry has over the Congress and the current and former administration. It is as much a matter of national security as economics and someone should be minding the store.

  3. Lexington Green Says:

    Same response as Dave.  This seems almost too Ernst Stavro Blofeldish to be real.  On the other hand it also seems very John Robb-ian, with an intentional "hollowing out" of the US economy.  I tend not to believe in conspiracies.  But, sometimes there really are conspiracies.  Ron Paul should convene hearings about this as Chairman of the Financial Services subcommittee in the House.  He would likely be open to unorthodox scenarios.  

  4. zen Says:

    Agreed. Someone needs to watch these things. Russia was actually systemically looted 1991-1995. BCCI was a criminal enterprise masquerading as an investment bank. US mortgage lenders conspired to push fraudulent investment securities on unsuspecting investors and at the expense of taxpayers and homeowners. Illicit activities happen.

  5. Eddie Says:

    We already know they played a less than stellar role in driving up world food prices and getting tens of millions starved and killed in recent years…

  6. Joseph Fouche Says:

    Rather than wait for them to acquire more weapons of mass destruction, the United States should follow the principle of preemption and invade Goldman Sachs.

  7. J. Scott Says:

    GS is a blight on our financial systems and government.

  8. Shlok Says:

    The office Freeman was writing under contract for is filled with smart, out of the box thinkers who are fundamentally serious. Not surprised they cut him loose and now he’s out shopping around the garbage that they wouldn’t buy. That said, his diagnosis is kinda right (report: http://scr.bi/eo4YlG) insofar as the economy was gutted by hydrocarbon inflation, regulatory capture etc. He’s goofy-wrong in attributing that to the dark forces of Sauron arrayed against us. It’s much more atomized than that, and you really just have to look in a few streets in a few cities (including the Hamptons) to find the culprits.

  9. Eddie Says:

    Speaking of Rep. Paul, have we audited the Fed yet?

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