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New Gig: SWJ Monthly E-News

I accepted an offer from Dave Dilegge to join the new SWJ Monthly E-News to do a Recommended Reading column with Crispin Burke of Wings Over Iraq sometimes we’ll both do a column….depends how much reading is worth recommending 😉

SWJ Monthly E-News

Once a month, beginning on 1 May, we will be sending out an e-mail overview of the latest news, issues, events and more from SWJ and the broader Small Wars / Irregular Warfare community of interest and practice.

Have something you think should be included in future newsletters? Send it along to mailto:%20comment@smallwarsjournal.com. Care to advertise in future newsletters? Contact SWJ at mailto:%20advertise@smallwarsjournal.com for details.

Keep abreast of what’s happening in the far flung reaches of the SWJ Empire – sign up below for our newsletter today.

The contents of SWJ E-News No. 1 will include:

* SWJ News – Journal articles and blog entries, Council debates and discussions, This Week at War and a sneak preview of our SWJ challenge coin,
Doctrine Man @ SWJ – DM’s exclusive for Small Wars Journal cartoon commentary,
* Professional Reading – Snapshots and links to articles of interest from a wide array of professional journals,
* SWJ Interviews – A recap with links covering our SWJ interview series,
Starbuck and Zenpundit – Recommended reading,
* Book Review – Bing West’s The Wrong War,
* Upcoming Events – Small Wars-related workshops, conferences, seminars and webcasts,
* More…

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