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This Story Made My Day

From the respected gents at BLACKFIVE:

Westboro Baptists Defeated


USMC Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers, 28, was killed in action by an IED while saving a fellow Marine in Helmand Province, Afghanistan on April 7.  Sgt. Rogers was assigned to the 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C.  This was his fifth combat tour in Afghanistan.  His fifth.

….Sgt. Rogers was buried in Brandon, Mississippi last Saturday.  Above is the view of Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Elmo Townsend as he escorted Sgt. Rogers from Airport Road and along U.S. 80 through a gauntlet of hundreds of local patriots who turned out to honor his sacrifice. 

The human vermin of the Phelps family, venomous traitors who style themselves the Westboro Baptist Church, who insult decent people from coast to coast by shouting vile slander at the funerals of heroes, threatened to protest this funeral as well.  Yet, not a whiff of their stench fouled the air anywhere near the procession nor funeral.  Therein lies the story….

Read the rest here.

If you are old enough to have ever lived under “old school” rules, you will love this story. More of this, please (Hat tip to Alyson the Good).

4 Responses to “This Story Made My Day”

  1. J. Scott Says:

    Zen, Pardon my english, but we live in world where a whole lot of people need their ass whipped (just a notion that behavior has consequences); glad to see these nitwits get their chance.

  2. Phil Ridderhof Says:

    As emotionally satisfying as this story is, I can’t help but think how these same tactics employed by local government and area citizens could be used to prevent any small group they disagree with to get to a protest rally, or to get to the polls to vote…
      My understanding is that Westboro makes its money via First Amendment lawsuits. It’ll be interesting to see if the town ends up paying in cash for the satisfaction they gained. What is described above as an esquisite plan, could also be painted as a conspiracy.

  3. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    A legally operating but morally reprehensible group gets squashed by an illegally operating, sometimes violent, secretive society of proto-insurgents.  I say, "insurgents" because quite obviously the rule of law for them is a rule only insofar as they agree with it.
    Now, I hate Westboro and I’m actually in favor of mild law-breaking in exactly this situation.  Exactly this situation; not sure about any other (doubtful that mob rule should become the law of the nation.)  I remember reading a similar story in which it was mentioned that Westboro visitors had had their tires slash, and I approved of that.

  4. zen Says:

    If these tactics were employed with regularity by ppl employed by a local government I would agree. However, the authors of the Constitution probably envisioned bullies as a purely local problem, which is what the Westboro cult is as they go around victimizing the bereaved ( not sure they are purely law abiding either – I think their record includes a rap sheet, much like other gangs of malcontents).
    When I was a kid, the legendary Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko wrote an unusual column. Royko tended to go after the Daley Machine and it’s creatures, which included the Chicago Outfit. In the late 70’s some minor mafiosi guy died an early death and one of the local network affiliates thought it was appropriate to send a reporter and a camera crew to brazenly barge uninvited into the man’s wake service and shove cameras into ppl’s faces. They had the living hell beaten out of them by the outraged next of kin and were tossed out. Royko, believing even mobsters were entitled to mourn their dead  in peace, defended them.  He was right.

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