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The OODA of Fouche

Did not want this fine graphic of Joseph Fouche lost in the dread comment section:

The fog and friction is a nice touch.

10 Responses to “The OODA of Fouche”

  1. Purpleslog Says:

    The connection between Observe and Orient should have an arrow on both ends. Boyd’s did, anyways.

  2. Purpleslog Says:

    Boyd also had a connector from "decide" back to "observe".

  3. Purpleslog Says:

    I don’t intend to come across as critical. I like the additions.

  4. Larry Dunbar Says:

    Impressive. So the normal force, rising out of the fog, relative (perpendicular) to the friction is conformity and diversity, sounds logical.

  5. Joseph Fouche Says:

    Yo Slog:
    I removed Boyd’s back connectors since I wanted to capture the forward movement of time and how the inward shifts from decide to observe or orient to observe are externally mediated by unfolding interactions with CGW’s Outside World. This may be more visible in the interactive version of the above image:

  6. J.ScottShipman Says:

    Hi Joseph,
    I’m somewhat fond of the notion of feed-forward vice feedback; sentience, along with our world is constantly changing, constantly emerging. I know the psychology folks might disagree… 

  7. seydlitz89 Says:

    Interesting that Boyd will always be able to pass muster from a Clausewitzian perspective, unlike 4GW : very innovative model of friction at both the operational and strategic levels.  I would be interested in any Clausewitzian argument otherwise.

  8. zen Says:

    Hi Seydlitz,
    I think the reason is that Boyd attempted to see how principles in strategy related or were analogous to those in fundamental fields like physics and mathematics ( among others), very holistic, very dialectical. Boyd is versatile.
    4GW is fractionated or taxonomic and has application for a kind or epochal type ( political disorder, socially entropic) of warfare. There’s not really a 4GW maritime or nuclear deterrence strategic application, for example. Not useless but not universalist (IMHO)

  9. Purpleslog Says:

    JF…I will check out the link.

  10. Fred Leland Says:

    I saw this back in December on Joe’s site as he released a series of posts on the topic. Makes sense. 

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