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OODA’s Revenge

[ by Charles Cameron — when being up to the minute is no longer enough – Berger, Boko and IS ]

JM Berger, as I’ve noted many time before and am far from alone in noting, is one of our very best analysts, and someone with a remarkable finger on the pulse of terror. They say the world is speeding up around us — a dubious position philosophically, perhaps, but one that many of us can’t help thinking is somehow correct, even if the phrasing could use some refinement.

Even JM, it seems, can’t blink without one thing becoming another. A few minutes ago, he tweeted:

— followed, I believe it was 26 seconds later, by this:


Also worth noting, while we’re on the topic of our most astute analysts:


JM Berger and Aaron Zelin — if it was Friday, I’d say, as I have before, #FF Follow Them!

But it’s Saturday, alas, and I’m too late.

5 Responses to “OODA’s Revenge”

  1. Charles Cameron Says:

  2. Overload in CO Says:

    I don’t know if ISIS will be happy with Boko Haram joining them. I read somewhere that ISIS is racist.

  3. Charles Cameron Says:

    Hi, Overload:
    On the one hand, we have (from last month, please note):

    The odds of an alliance between Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Islamic State are slim despite their similar ideology, according to a U.S. intelligence official who cited racial bias as a major factor. “The Arab world is incredibly racist,” an unidentified U.S. intelligence official told NBC. “They don’t see black Africans as equivalent to them.” The official added that although Boko Haram has released videos that indicate “affiliation” with ISIS-like groups, no evidence suggests that any members of the different groups have gone to fight for the other.

    On the other (from eternity), there is Qur’an 49:13:

    O mankind, We have created you male and female, and appointed you races and tribes, that you may know one another. Surely the noblest among you in the sight of God is the most godfearing of you. God is All-knowing, All-aware.

  4. Tim Furnish Says:

    Not to take anything away from the very astute azelin — but I made that observation in May of last year: “Boko Haram’s employment of this standard [black flags] is yet another indication that the Nigerian jihadist group has now plugged into the global Islamic movement.

  5. larrydunbar Says:

    ” “Boko Haram’s employment of this standard [black flags] is yet another indication that the Nigerian jihadist group has now plugged into the global Islamic movement”
    But can it be considered global and a movement if it has a center?
    I mean, Boko Haram is really just telling everyone their position in the world.
    A movement on the other hand, “moves” along the edges of a network.
    As part of a network, their “position” is represented by the node forming in the area of the world that we, in the context of TPMB, reset the rulesets in.
    Maybe another way to look at this is to say, as a movement the Boko Haram represents a small bit of kinetic energy.
    What is interesting to me is that it has decided, like oil, to become a part of the huge potential in the middle east.
    Considering the full “potential” of Africa, this is no small deal.

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