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The battle flags of religion

[ by Charles Cameron — vexilla regis prodeunt, comparative version ]

Two recent examples of religious iconography on the battle field.. from the Badr Brigade, outside Amerli, Iraq:

badr brigade

and from Pro-Russia fighters near the eastern Ukrainian city of Starobeshevo:

Christ flag


The Vexilla regis is a hymn written by Venantius Fortunatus to welcome the procession bringing a fragment of the True Cross to St Radegunda‘s convent in Poitiers: the first line translates to “The banners of the king go forth”.

Here it is, illustrated with battle flags flown by Catholic and Royalist troops during the War in the Vendée:



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  • Ukraine
  • 3 Responses to “The battle flags of religion”

    1. Charles Cameron Says:

      Ken (@chumulu) suggested these two flags:

      Art by Paul Noth — as many people have observed, this is simply brilliant!

    2. larrydunbar Says:

      Yup.I think you, Charles, as a holder of two flags 🙂

    3. Charles Cameron Says:

      Yup. And when I finally get to six, I’ll have my own Magic Mountain!

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