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Of books, business, and cathedrals

[ by Charles Cameron — who knows more or less what Walter Robb of WholeFoods was getting at, but doesn’t think it adequately sums to what cathedrals have to offer ]

This tweet by friend Victor d’Allant frankly saddened me…


Until redeemed by the comment at the tail end of this BBC report:

Bookstore church


Okay, then.

To support the crowdfunding effort to save the “temple of books that raises reading to a religious experience” — figure this out: Dominicanen gaat door!

2 Responses to “Of books, business, and cathedrals”

  1. larrydunbar Says:

    So great structure and culture, position not so great?
    Do you think there is enough substance in the virtual world to sustain it?
    If there is that is pretty impressive in itself.

  2. dreamtimer Says:

    It might be a perverse joy to search for ’50 shades’ at a place like this.

    A chapel which is re-purposed without becoming yet another museum or declining into obvious frivolity, is hosting ‘Mare Nostrum’:


    One might wonder what Stanislav Lem had made of this.

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