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Norway: what else?

[ by Charles Cameron — ointment and fly, and how one thing leads to another ]



in rapid succession on my twitterfeed the other day, I’ve been thinking of my Norwegian friend, the artist Jan Valentin Saether..


What else?

Ah yes, Anders Behring Breivik, the black dot in the white swoosh of the Tai-Chih symbol — and I’m beginning to get the impression the ripples are spreading:

  • The Guardian, Why are anti-immigration parties so strong in the Nordic states?
  • August: Vocativ, E.U.’s Right-Wing Parties Surging Thanks To Migrant Crisis
  • September: NY Times, Migrant Influx May Give Europe’s Far Right a Lift
  • Curious fact:

    Even in 2011, the year of the Utøya terror attacks, the Norwegian police only fired one shot.

    2 Responses to “Norway: what else?”

    1. Grurray Says:

      Syrian refugees take Artic route to Europe
      The ones who would be able to make this journey seem to have more financial resources than the masses taking the sea route.

    2. Charles Cameron Says:

      Why Are so Many Refugees Drowning?:

      Short form:

      Rosling points out that a seat on these boats costs €1,000 or more, while a flight from Ethiopia to Sweden is only €400; from Lebanon to the UK is also €400; and from Egypt to Italy is only €320. .. What exactly is it that stops the refugees from flying to Europe to apply for asylum? They can reach the airport, they can afford to buy a ticket, but at the check-in counter, they are stopped by the airlines from getting onto the airplane.

      In his view, it’s all down to EU Directive 2001/51/EC, which makes airlines pay the full cost of repatriating those who are turned back by the countries they arrive in, although there is an explicit exemption in the case of regugees.

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