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Signs in the skies II, for Richard Landes

[ by Charles Cameron — supplementary material on 2030s apocalyptic, including dominionist postmillenialism ]

Richard Landes, talking with Terry Gross on NPR in 1997, said:

I’m willing to predict right now that Christians will redate after 2000 to 2033, and that we can expect another wave of Christian apocalyptic expectation and messianic hopes and so on around 2033.

I noted Richard’s presentiment that millennial expectation wouldn’t die down after the failure of the year 2000 to provide us with the End of Days in Armageddon: if you can’t hasten it, maybe you can dodge it? and illustrated the idea with a graphic from the Passage through the Veil of Time video in Simply so much.. 02. And in my first Signs in the skies piece, I briefly alluded to the Four Blood Moons theory which some Christians — and even some Mormons, but more on that shortly — have been viewing as indicative of the End Times or Latter Days.


In light of that, here’s another view of the blood moons, this time from the postmillennial side, as represented by the Christian Reconstructionist (see *Note below) Dr. Joel McDurmon, writing in the October 2nd issue of American Vision:

What to do before the NEXT Four Blood Moons (yes, there’s another coming….)

I won’t belabor the beating of this dead horse too much, but you should be aware that there is indeed another “Four Blood Moons” to occur within our lifetime (God willing!)—one almost identical to the one we just lived through the past two years.

As previously posted, the so-called “Blood Moon” prophecy was impossible from the beginning, but that did not stop Hagee (and others) from Pontificating. Hagee now owns the label of false prophet, and they are all trying to rationalize their failed predictions.

What they never told you is that this event was really not even that unique. In addition to the good amount of fudging historical events to fit previous “tetrads” into an eerily precise narrative, the 2014–2015 cycle is not the last to come. Yet if you listened to all these prophecy pundits, this is God’s final warning.

Well, not if you look ahead on the calendar. When this September passed without event, just as I predicted, I then look ahead just to see how far out the next cycle of prophecy shyster book sales could be expected. I expected it to be hundreds of years before such a rare event would occur again. But I was surprised.

The next “Four Blood Moons” event is only 18 years from now: 2033–2034. Lord willing, I’ll only be 59 years old when it starts. You, too, will probably live to see it. And yes, this tetrad of lunar eclipses each falls directly on the Jewish Passover and Feast of Tabernacles for those two consecutive years, and is split half way by a solar eclipse. ..

This is only the first one I found. There are almost certainly others yet to come if you search through the NASA charts of lunar eclipses, and compare then to the dates of the Jewish feast days.

You can probably bet there’ll be a whole new crop of anxious Christians comprising a ripe market for a handful of unscrupulous rapture mongers. They will have forgotten how the last blood moons hype came and went as a farce way back in 2015.

*Note: Christian Reconstructionism is one of various terms used to describe different facets of the movement initiated by RJ Rushdoony to implement Biblical law (including the civic stoning of disorderly & recidivist children) in thr US and eventually throughout the world — other terms include theonomy, dominionism, kingdom now theology, etc.


  • Julie Ingersioll, Building God’s Kingdom: inside the world of Christian Reconstruction
  • RJ Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law
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    1. Richard Landes Says:

      as one of our regulars at the CMS conferences used to say: “Christian Reconstruction is Calvinism on crack.”

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