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Two flags identified, Russians protest Putin’s involvement in Syria

[ by Charles Cameron — curious to see Solidarnost and Gadsden flags together ]

I’m always interested in the graphics and symbolism of various groups, so when I saw this image headed Scores of Russians protest against Putin’s involvement in Syria on the Turkish Daily Sabah news site a couple of days ago —


my eye was caught by the Gadsden Flag, which I’m familiar with from the Tea Party and indeed ChicagoBoyz


I began checking with my friends to see whether anyone recognized the orange and blue flag, which a couple of friends read as saying Solidarnos.., which in turn led me to this:


with Solidarnost being “a Russian liberal democratic political movement founded on 13 December 2008 by a number of well-known members of the liberal democratic opposition, including Garry Kasparov, Boris Nemtsov and others..”


I am curious — does it make sense for these two flags to fly together? And can anyone source the blue flag with the white “V” insignia? I have the sense I’ve seen it around..

Hat tips: Tom, Mark and Gabor.

3 Responses to “Two flags identified, Russians protest Putin’s involvement in Syria”

  1. Grurray Says:

    The Gadsden is flown by the Libertarian Party of Russia
    They espouse similar views of liberty and free markets that you will see from the Chicago Boyz.
    The ‘V’ flag is flown by the ‘Party of Dec 5’ founded by dissident Denis Bilunov, one of Kasparov’s allies.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Grurray, that’s just terrific! Thanks!


  3. Grurray Says:

    Charles, glad to help. I’ve read about the Russian Libertarians before but had to do some digging for the other one. I had connected with a Moskvich on Twitter awhile back, probably during the initial Ukraine turmoil, and he pointed me in the right direction. FWIW, he says these opposition parties don’t have any influence and doesn’t even consider Kasparov a Russian anymore, so I suppose they’ve taken up Western banners because that’s where their real base is.
    He mentioned Alexei Navalny was probably the only real opposition that anyone is worried about, but he’s under arrest.

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