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Surrealism and surreal reality

[ by Charles Cameron — perception and plutonium ]

The sureralist master and master surrealist Salvador Dali here invokes optical illusion to illuminate the fickle nature of our perceptions of (non-surreal) reality:

As for reality itself, it has its own form of surreality — in this case, the dismal facts of plutonium stockpiles and their disposal, and their implications for politics (not to mention its conceivable / inconceivable continuation by other means).

All of which is unpleasant to conteplate, seldom discussed, and thus itself a form of perceptual illusion:

FWIW, I see a visual connection between these two images, although that may ba a personal quirk not shared by others. Again, a quirk of perception?



  • RFE / RL, As Putin Swipes At U.S. Over Plutonium Disposal, Nuclear Cooperation Takes A Hit
  • Cheryl Rofer at Nuclear Diner, Plutonium Disposal Difficulties
  • One Response to “Surrealism and surreal reality”

    1. Cheryl Rofer Says:

      Thanks, Charles!
      I really don’t like the photo on the RFE/RL article. I never had to wear that kind of thing in my job, and it’s unlikely that many (any?) involved in the plutonium disposition project will have to. But the media like scary photos to go along with stories on plutonium.

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