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For reasons obscure to me, some governmental bureaucrat decided it would be nifty to revise the Oath of Allegience that new citizens swear to de-emphasize, well, the concept of allegience to the United States. The bureaucrats have backpedaled in the light of publicity but their language indicates that this asinine p.r. proposal designed to send all the wrong signals to prospective citizens is far from dead.

I’m wondering how far we will need to dig into this story before we hit either a Clintonite appointee who burrowed into the Civil Service or an overpaid, outside, ” diversity-consultant ” with the usual patriotically challenged bad advice. Did anyone really ask them to do this or did certain parties decide they knew better than the unwashed masses in flyover country ?

Call or write your Congressman. This may be a symbolic point but it isn’t a small one.

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