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Wishing Charles Cameron Well

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Some of the regular readers may have noticed an absence lately at zenpundit.com. I regret to report that our genial managing editor,  Charles Cameron, suffered a heart attack over the weekend and required open heart surgery yesterday. Fortunately, Charles has gotten through the operation and is now recovering in a cardiac ICU where he is expected to spend some time.

While you would not know it from his prolific output of thought-provoking posts, imaginative double-quotes and learned musings on the intersections of theology, culture, politics and fiction, this latest episode is one of a number of serious medical ailments Charles has been contending with for a number of years. All of this has taken a severe toll on his energy, mobility and finances while Charles now faces the prospect of an extended convalescence and significant medical bills.

If you have enjoyed and respected Charles’ work here – and he deserves much of the credit for keeping zenpundit.com going as an active blog when many other strat-mil-FP blogs have gone by the wayside; I’m serious, without Charles Cameron I probably would have shuttered the place – there is an opportunity to show some appreciation and wish Charles a speedy recovery. It would, I’m sure, raise his spirits

If you would like to send Charles Cameron a get-well card or note, you can mail it to:

Charles Cameron c/o Merino
8323 Berman Walk Way
Citrus Heights, CA. 95610

If you would like to make a donation to help Charles off-set his medical expenses in this difficult time, his gofundme account has been reactivated and is accepting donations:


Sending you all the best thoughts Charles. Get well my friend!

10 Responses to “Wishing Charles Cameron Well”

  1. larrydunbar Says:

    It would be an honor to call him friend, and “well” is what I likewise wish for him. Although I am not in a position to donate, I encourage those, who are able, to do so. It is only money, and Charles is an institution that, like many others today, needs money for its infrastructure.

  2. zen Says:

    Well said, Larry

  3. Jim Gant Says:


    As my path has turned from one of war to one of peace, Charles has become a spiritual mentor to me through his writings on zenpundit. I have read zenpundit consistently for many years now and feel like I know both you and Charles. I was shocked to read about his current health problems and will move him and his family to the forefront of my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for posting his address and I will get him a handwritten note off soon. Happiness is an elusive thing and it is very hard to be happy without good health. Good health is something that most of us take for granted until we don’t have it…I am saddened by his current state but hopeful that he will return to good health and continue to bring his powerful thoughts and words to all of us.

    My prayers and thoughts are with him.


  4. zen Says:

    Thank you Jim! If I see another health update online from Charles’ family I will pass your message on, I know it will be appreciated

  5. CharlesCameron Says:

    Many thanks, Zen and all.
    I’m improving, & at last getting on the net has lifted my spirits quite a bit.
    Your message means a lot to me. I haven’t seen your mailed note yet, but my ex will be bringing it to me next time she’s able to visit. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.
    I just caught a Mattis quote that fits my “serpent bites tail” style of paradox & goes along with my general sense of the difficulty of “future of war” thinking, and may write about it in more detail but want to drop it in here in the meantime:

    Congress should craft a document which accepts that the foreseeable future is not “foreseeable.”

    That’s from his 2015 piece Using Military Force Against ISIS.
    Enough for now. My best to all. I’m very glad to be back.

  6. CharlesCameron Says:

    Oops, it seems I can’t edit my post for typos, etc. Zen, could you email me my login info so I can get in and fix that commment up? Thanks!

  7. zen Says:

    Charles I will do so tonight – glad to see you hitting the keyboard a little

  8. Charles Cameron Says:


  9. Jim Gant Says:


    It warms my heart to see you back on the keyboard!


  10. larrydunbar Says:

    “I’m improving, & at last getting on the net has lifted my spirits quite a bit.”

    The fact that someone can get on the net and have their spirits lifted lifts mine. 🙂

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