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[ by Charles Cameron — Athens, riots, comments ]
I am deeply saddened right now by what has been happening in Athens today, as shown in this video:

and even more so by the comments that follow it:

Top Comments

I hope the US start to riot. We’re losing our freedom.
DeadliestShots 5 hours ago 3

And don’t throw cocktails: THROW GRENADES!!!!
atgcab 1 hour ago

See all:

Drive trucks into the police, there riot gear wont protect them, squash them against the buildings… police protect the 1% then the police must die!
68sunshinefun 16 minutes ago

Burn the bankers, Kill the bankers, hunt them down, drag them from there homes and burn the 1%.
68sunshinefun 21 minutes ago

Well those starbucks workers are not unemployed, well done
ivanleo 25 minutes ago

atgcab 1 hour ago

@DeadliestShots Indeed we are…
rkfabtek 4 hours ago

I heard from unverified sources that the anarchist were highly organized this time and put oil down around the surrounding area slowly riot police etc…
rkfabtek 4 hours ago

@HardWarUK its not out of the question that is for sure…
rkfabtek 4 hours ago

This is just the start……Europe is going to go down I believe., along with the U.S.
HardWarUK 5 hours ago

3 Responses to “Athens”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    I find the comments quite uplifting actually. If the Greeks, and everyone else, followed the advice our problems would be resolved quite expediently.

    The legislators are nothing but parasites, living at the cost of the Greek people while passing edicts to make their lives miserable which are enforced at the point of a gun.  I have absolutely no sympathy for them whatsoever.

    The cops are thugs that enforce the perverted will of the parliamentary lords and masters. Not by dialogue, debate, persuasion or philosophy; but by violence, coercion, intimidation and naked aggressive brutality. They have de facto resigned from the human race by their voluntary choices and actions.  I have absolutely no sympathy for them whatsoever.

    Defensive or retributive violence, lethal or otherwise, by the part of the Greeks against the traitors that conspire against them and loot them of their wealth and dignity is just, adequate and moral, not to mention imperative and absolutely necessary.

    Politicians, Cops and fiat-money-compound-interest Bankers are psychopaths. They only think in terms of violence. They understand only aggression, and only truly listen to someone speaking to them behind the barrel of a gun. They made their lifestyle choices, now it is time to face the consequences of their crimes.

    And yes…grenades are much more effective than molotovs. Statists are made of meat, just like the rest of us, and high-velocity shrapnel does a bang-up job of ceasing their biological activity.

    May the Americans take inspiration from the Greek revolution and use their millions of weapons to cleanse their nation of the same kind of scum the Hellenes are fighting against.


  2. Duncan Kinder Says:

    Until recently, Greece actually was a bedrock of stability in the unstable Balkans, which are literally crawling with illicit traffic.  At minimum, unrest in Greece will spill over and make the Balkans even less table.  I, for one, would be surprised if that is the only consequence.  

  3. amspirnational Says:

    it’s wise to try and win over as many cops and in the case of Occupy Wall Street here, vets as possible.
    The vets know they were used  via WMD lies, to fight for oil and Israel and Empire, as Ray McGovern put it.

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