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After the Fall

[ by Charles Cameronpostlapsarian Aleppo, in other words ]

I don’t suppose the editors at the New York Times Magazine were intentionally making a Christian theological point with the title they bestowed on this cover story: Aleppo After the Fall. but I’ll take my apposite religious resonances where I find them.

Here’s a slightly bigger version:

How beautiful destruction can be in the early light — yet no less destructive for its beauty.

You can view the whole thing even better here — Al-Hatab Square in Aleppo’s Old City. Credit Sebastián Liste/Noor Images, for The New York Times.

Pieter Van Ostaeyen termed the accompanying article “an absolute must-read“.


Beauty: in which, the divine may be recognized.

The Fall. Oh ah, yes, the Fall.

One Response to “After the Fall”

  1. Grurray Says:

    “Stories like this have been amply documented and held up as evidence that the Assad regime is guilty of war crimes on a wide scale.”
    “The rebels had launched a complex attack using tunnels and multiple suicide bombers.”
    European International organizations are trying to prosecute the regime with war crimes for airstrikes, but they aren’t trying to prosecute the rebels for suicide bombs. I’m no expert, but it appears that international conventions take inequality of firepower into account. Maybe that was the idea behind arming the rebels. Strengthen them in order to properly bring them to justice.

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