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Central Standard Time, 2018 Edition

[Mark Safranski / “zen“]

The new January 2018 issue of Joe Tortorici‘s Chicago-oriented culture e-zine, Central Standard Time is out with forays into politics,  news and Chicago’s arts and music scene. From Professor Joe:

The image you see above is from Martynas Milkevicius. His presence speaks to the times as we share a vision from half the world away. How fortunate we are to feature his gallery on the KIOSK page. The global community is real, and now.

I found a common thread of optimism weaving its way through the essays this month. We will survive the recent onslaught of electric-shock treatments to our cultural frontal lobe. These political troubles will pass. A populist voice is awakened and we are talking about the world. There is an air of activism at large.

This blog is made to go with coffee, of course….

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