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More than 26,500

[ by Charles Cameron — despair at the human condition, and rejoicing ]

On the one hand:

On the other:

What impresses me enormously:

Dr. van Hulst was among more than 26,500 gentiles — 5,595 from the Netherlands — recognized by Yad Vashem for risking their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

6 Responses to “More than 26,500”

  1. Dave Schuler Says:

    From 1940-1943 more than 7,000 Dutch joined the Dutch SS.

    I’d be interested in seeing the same questions asked of people in Western European countries.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    7,000 SS, 5,600 Righteous among the Gentiles –That’s a pretty even split, surprisingly, back then. Or were you thinking of now?

  3. Dave Schuler Says:

    I meant now. IMO the Eastern Europeans aren’t alone in their anti-Semitism.

  4. Charles Cameron Says:

    Does it wax and wane — and if so, can it go low enough to stop — or is it a permanent stain?

  5. zen Says:

    Looking at that map I notice of the three highest totals, two countries were enthusiastic partners of the Axis – Lithuania as a liberated puppet territory under Nazi control and Romania, a junior Axis state. Romania’s anti-Semitism, in the form of barbarous pogroms by the Iron Guard, managed to repulse even the SS and helped encourage Hitler to back the military dictator over the Iron Guard, the Fuhrer stating “I need soldiers [from Romania] not fanatics”.
    Anyone know the reason for Armenia”s skyrocketing anti-Semitism?

  6. Grurray Says:

    If I had to hazard a guess about Armenia I would say it has something to do with the fact that Israel supplies Azerbaijan with weapons, including armed drones that were prominently used in the Nagorny Karabakh dispute a couple years ago. To the Israelis credit they froze drone sales after it became clear the aircraft were being used on suicide runs against Armenians, but the damage had already been done.

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