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I, Zenpundit, do solemnly swear, for the year 2004 a.d. to do the following:

* Post on a semi-regular basis: No more posting a dozen times followed by thirteen days off followed by four days of moderate posting. Three times a week ought to be enough to keep things moving without stressing me out.

* Faithfully Credit All Links: I do this most of the time anyway but it’s good Blogosphere manners.

*Update Breaking News: At times, stories I pull off of AP Breaking or other newswires turn out to be unfounded or change considerably from the initial reports. Because I have blogged so haphazardly by the time I return to Blogger the story is stale

*Upgrade the Zenpundit Site: This will be hardest for me as my time is so stretched as it is and my technical skills are limited ( for me a computer is a means to an end, not a hobby in and of itself). It would be nice to post pictures and have a more aesthetic site like Prometheus6 for example, or Regions of Mind where Geitner Simmons has had some beautiful photographic essays. Knowing myself as I do, this resolution will be the hardest to keep.

*Balance Blogging With Other Writing: Basically, I need to write in other venues because the Blogging format, over time, is injurious to a good prose style and I think mine has declined considerably as a result. There’s an overwhelming tendency in the blogosphere to rely upon an ” inside baseball ” blogging shorthand that regular blogreaders ” get ” and links to make one’s point instead writing concisely and descriptively.

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