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PCMatic: at war, the people’s militia, resistance .. and metaphors?

[ by Charles Cameron — an ad that blew my mind, mil metaphor piled on mil metaphor, and various ways to name theenemy, eh? — troika, wolf pack.. ]

Here we go.

I was staggered to see the number of military / militant references inj this commercial —

  • our country is at war,
  • a cyber war
  • the enemy, ransomeware, is rapidly growing in sophistication
  • the enemy is exploiting a hole in our defenses
  • we are pcmatic, the people’s militia to defeat the ransomware empire
  • patriots of the resistance
  • we believe we can build an army
  • we will defeat this enemy and win the war
  • join the ransomware resistance.
  • This is the largest cluster of related metaphors I’ve seen in an ad, and I’m curious as to its rhetorical intent..


    Tina Nguyen has written a fascinating piece for Vanity Fair’s Hive on the metaphors we use for The Enemy, better known perhaps as Them:

  • Axis of evil
  • Network of death
  • Troika of tyranny
  • Triangle of terror
  • Sordid cradle of Communism in the Western Hemisphere
  • Wolf pack of rogue states

  • Cabal of Crazies
  • Circle of Scoundrels
  • League of Extraordinary Villains
  • Oh so much more potent than calling them Hostile statesWolf pack of rogue states is superb!

    The first set above presents ye actual efforts by various pols to provide metaphorical aid to the othering of our enemies — propaganda at its most succinct — whereas the second set consists of jokers’ parodies & the like — second order propaganda at the expense of the first.


    I’ll be using the comments section of this post for further “collections” (metaphors of war, sports, etc, headlines, chyrons, misc items of interest), and may add some stellar examples — if they “fit” — here in this post.

    22 Responses to “PCMatic: at war, the people’s militia, resistance .. and metaphors?”

    1. Charles Cameron Says:

      Panetta on Blitzer’s Situation Room, 6.14/15pm ET 1/21/2019:

      Giuliani is basically operating like a human pinball machine, in which his ball is banging around, lighting up different facts which he throws out there and then reversing them..

      Kamala, variously:

      I feel a responsibility to stand up and fight..
      I do not care to fight that way ..
      I’m prepared to fight, and I know how to fight..

      .. the showmanship and gamesmanship of the shutdown .. *** nice phrasing!
      WaPo, Above all else, Trump is a bully:

      Trump made federal workers — and other citizens who depend on government services — into sacrificial lambs whose blood is an offering to the Trumpist base.

      America is at peace because the FBI is at war ..
      now the greatest threat of all is coming from the Oval Office ..

    2. Charles Cameron Says:

      Blkitzer Sit Room 500 ET 1/23/2019
      m 29 round one goes to them (ie trump’s intimidation of cohen works, cohen postpones)..
      nancy pelosi just called his bluff ..
      Ari Melber The Beat 1/23/2019
      Cornell Belcher: the President of the United States acting like Michael Corleone ..
      Cummings and Schiff Statement on Intimidation of Michael Cohen:
      As we stated previously with our colleague, Chairman Jerry Nadler of the Judiciary Committee, efforts to intimidate witnesses, scare their family members, or prevent them from testifying before Congress are textbook mob tactics that we condemn in the strongest terms.

      Chyron: “home stretch”
      Chyron “”
      Nunberg: I think Roger colluded against himself .. (ourob!!)
      Corsi vs Roger Stone?: “tit for tat”
      Corsi: the gotcha games and the memory games started from day one ..
      Corsi, “my religion” (also good cop bad cop), Numberg “yeshivas and so on .. rapid fire .. he reminded me more like a rabbi..” in above clip –whole interview with Carter Page, Michael Caputo, Sam Nunberg & Jerome Corsi was fantastic television.
      Carter Page m50/1 re Chris Hayes: “the back and forth with him was probably one of the best trainings you could get of getting hit over the head” ..
      Nunberg on Mueller’s team: “what they’re really going to go for is Pay & Play” ..
      Chris M: But today the Speaker hit back with a loud and clear, No You Can’t ..
      let’s start with the toxic ping-pong between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi ..

    3. Charles Cameron Says:

      Hardball 1/23/2019 cont’d
      Robert Costa: he believes in political theater ..
      Gwenda Blair, author, The Trumps: if you’re not winning, you’re losing, in his rule book ..
      m12 chris m: “she must understand the calculus here” re SOTU / shutdown ..
      David Cicilline “not appropriate to have a State of the Union while the state of the Union is shut down” ..
      Joyce Vance quoted:m 27/8 awful but lawful ..
      Elliot Williams: the hearing can .. into a circus ..

      m37, Mitch Landrieu: he had some hard words [?] but it was __ and respectful ..
      m53 WaPo chyron “counterpoint” ..
      m54 chyron ” conservatives target freshman rep ocasio-cortez ..
      Kamala: and if folk will have me, i’m prepared to lead that fight .. and i believe it will be a winning fight ..
      all in chris hayes
      m6.01 quasi-chyron “textbook mob tactics” ..
      m3 cummings & schiff ..
      11th hr with brian williams:
      Michael, this is not billiards, nor is it terrapin football, but at the risk of having something thrown at the television inside the white house, was this advantage pelosi, did she just win a round?
      m steele: she called his bluff. he thought he was calling hers, but she called his ..
      11th hr: joe [biden] has been there, he’s done the race, he’s got the connection, he’s got the ground game, he knows the opponent ..

    4. Charles Cameron Says:

      Campaign journalism needs an overhaul. Here’s one radical idea.
      Four horse-race references in this one article:

      “We should all resolve to spend less time, or perhaps no time at all, on horse race polls that project forward to the 2020 presidential election,” Sally Buzbee said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”
      (I researched this in early 2016 while public editor of the New York Times; in a fairly typical two-week period, three out of every four pieces of political journalism were horse race coverage.)
      “Predicting the winner? Is that success? Even if journalists could do that (and they can’t) it would not be much of a public service, would it? A very weird thing about horse race or ‘game’ coverage is it doesn’t answer to any identifiable need of the voter. Should I vote for the candidate with the best strategy for capturing my vote?”
      And we do see examples of journalism based on public interest — not just charts comparing stances on issues, but meaningful, engaging explorations of how tax or immigration policy affects real lives and pocketbooks; but they are vastly outweighed by horse race or shiny-object coverage.


    5. Charles Cameron Says:

      Gambling as a metaphor (almost invisible, at this point) for risk:

      quoted by marie: trump finally got his wall — nancy pelosi ..
      brian williams: it’s really hard to see over the shoulder of a good c ard player, like mueller, to see what he has in his hand ..
      ari melber — a joke qn — is it possible that trump is playing three-dimensional chess, and mexico will pay for the wall? ..
      now it seems to hit a little bit higher .. the upper echelons of the trumppower orbit ..
      clint watts: you’d think the master of dirty tricks wouldn’t leave an electronic trail everywhere ..
      a defeat lap in the rose garden..
      the beat: 1/25 m10: we got a legislative death trap ..
      mtp 1/25/2019
      mcconnell wanted to call it “the second kick of the mule” ..
      he’s been negotiating aagainst himself for thirty-five days ..
      ari melber:
      stone lied about efforts to get stolen emails from the russians and the trump campaign was in the loop ..
      07 seth waxman: if we presuppose that there was this quid pro quo, an offer of dirt on hillary clinton in exchange for a promise to reduce or eliminate sanctions ..
      the trump cam;paign was in the loop with the russians ..
      bill kristol m 11: i’m going to assert as a matter of probability that donald trump was in the loop on the effort to get the russians to help his election prospects by releasing the emails — whether here was a quid pro quo, whether trump was legally liable..
      sam nunberg: i think he (roger stone) conspired against himself ..
      ari to sam n: does it look to you as though the noose is tightening around the key politicalleadership of the trump campaign?
      Whon Framed Roger Rabbit Stone?
      does it look to you as thioough the nhoose is tightening ..
      mueller has chosen to pick a fight with someone who knows, like trump, how to fight big, and loud, and clearly rough, that’s part of the allegation ..
      look at it all already ending (?) in this brawl ..
      maya wiley re stone m6/7: he’s the one who said it’s better to be talked about than not, even if being talked about means being talked about as he stares down the barrell of a prosecutor’s gun .. ***
      m 11: he’s like the pt barnum of public statements..
      jonathan lemire:if the rt of the deal had been this negotiation, no-one would have bought this book .
      ?? sen kobachar m 6/7: to look at it as a win-loss game is.
      all in chris hayes:
      wittes: that does suggest a tightening of the circle, closing of the ring, whatever metaphor you want to use .. ***
      marcy wheeler: roger stone was willing to go to great lengths to set up these cover stories insider cover stories inside cover stories, but what he didn’t do according to the indictment is delete these emails, delete these texts ..
      1/26/2019 9 or 10ish am’there is a lot of smoke around roger stone ..

    6. Charles Cameron Says:

      Rachel Maddow gets her people to put up, andd then comments at length on — this visual DoubkeQuote:

      She comments:

      Can we put these two guys up side by side? Yeah, OK. Again, this — bear with me here — this is the big lie that is spelled out in the indictment. Roger Stone says the guy on thee right is how he tried to contact Wikileaks. Actually it was the guy on the left. OK, who cares? Why does that matter? Why would the difference between those two paths to Wikileaks be worth not only lying about it to Congress, but doing back-flips and making all these florid, baroque threats against another witness to prevent that cover story from unraveling. ..
      Stonbnewall it.. take the Fifth .. do a Frank Pentangeli …
      WHat the heck was so important about the difference between these two stories? Honestly, I used radio show host Randy Credico to get to Wikileaks, versus I used Jerome Corsi, weird conspiracy theorist, to get to WIkileaks. WHo cares? Who cares? But that distinction between those two stories was apparently enough to risk all of this, which has now resulted in seven felony changes and getting arrested on CNN before dawn.

      The President knew last week he was running out of runway here .. [nice phrasing]***

    7. Charles Cameron Says:

      The Beat 1/28/2019
      If you’re saying Gosh, itvfeels like we’re at a circus, well, it’s because we bought circus tickets and there are elephants everywhere, and obviously animal cruelty concerns as well, elephants, or randy credico’s dog ..
      they’re all provocateurs.. this is what they do, it’s theater..
      Hardball 1/28/2019
      roger stone does.. he tiptoes up to the edge of the cliff and dances on it for a while while you watch him do it ..
      the president now has to do kind of this very very fragile dance with roger stone ..
      how can the president be stuck on fly paper — and he’s the fly?
      when you go to war with ann coulter, you’re not having a good time in politics ..
      the fight over the wall is the one corner he can’t figure his way out of ..
      i compare him to sonny listeon, who couldn’t lose until he couldn’t win ..
      every hand he gets, he shoot the moon.. nad that would be, a national emergency ..
      willie nelson meets the godfather ..
      if you’re going to act like pro wrestlers, we’re going to send you one ..
      All In Chris Hayes 1/28/2019
      04: there’s a whole shakespeare drama playing out in his eyes ..
      there’s lots of people who want to talk like they’re in goodfellas ..
      what is the deal with the culture around the current president of the united states that everyone is like a wannabe wiseguy .. why is everyone constantly acting like they’re in the mob .. if they are not?
      rep katherine clark: it ieally is an emperor has no clothes situation, and we need the court jesters to remind him that this is real people, real lives, feal national security ..
      conservative pundit / insult comic ann coulter was one of the driving forces directing the president during the government shutdown ..
      in a fight between donald trump and ann coulter it’s so hard to know who to root for, but what if we throw in newt gingrich?
      coulter vs giungrich is now the fight to watch ..


    8. Charles Cameron Says:

      Velshi: Carol Lam: This is your place on the chessboard, and you were moving in at this point and if you want to move your place on the chessboard, that’s up to you ..
      Melber the Beat:
      new back-stabbing inside the White House ..
      Maya Wiley: Wew know that Roger Stone games the public court ..
      Chyrons: Melber Dems play Hardball:

      Melber Circus

      Hayes All In war party

    9. Charles Cameron Says:

      Just a nice Sbarro tweet:

      Y’see, according to Wiki, “Sadio Mané .. is a Senegalese professional footballer” — so that’s a genuine game-changer..
      MTP 1/30/2019
      That rift between president trump and the intelligence community may be growing into a chasm .. the president lashed out at the intelligence chiefs after they contradicted him on threats posed by china, north korea, ISIS an iran ..

      Ari Melber the Beat 1/30/2019
      A new filing from bob mueller is shaking things up tonight right now, and this has new allegations against Russian operatives of trying to game the us legal system, mislead the American public and even to hinder the mueller probe .. [ourob]
      robert mueller was digging into a foreign company war gamess for hacking elections ..
      mueller’s back with a foreign company gaming out russian style election meddling .. [29,35-38]
      this has a batman / joker aspect to it, where the us prosecutors, however aggressive they may be, have these rules [a set of very strict rules, the federal rules of evidence, federal rules of criminal procedure], and pointing out in these new filings that the Russians are breaking these rules ..
      gameness .. grit .. determination .. fighting spirit .. compliments from none othere than steve bannon for AOC today ..
      and what is it about the [hiphop] culture that encourages the motif of the friendly battle? .. *** you see thjat in battle rapping, you see that in a battle dancing, some people look at that from a distance and say, Are you mad atchyron: each other, does somebody have to win, what’s it mean?
      fighting, you have to fight.. instead of fighting, letrt’s dance ..
      hardball 1/30/2019
      chyron: “feuds”
      chyron: “attacks”
      05: the world stage is a very complex one ..
      chris m 22: it’s almost like an interrogation situation, there’s nobody else around, and he’s fly-fishing basically,to get whatever he can get out of trump ..
      Rep Swlwell: Here we are on the even of Superbowl Sunday. If you keep throwing the hook and ladder and the defense isn’t stopping it, any great coach is going to have his team run that play over and over again until the defenses are put up to stop it. And this President will not confront Putin about it, despite saying he has, and so they’re going to keep running this play against us.
      it’s like a sopranos episode where Tony is going to a poorly lit parking garage and meeting with the leader of another mob ..

      Reading about the indictment of Donald Trump’s longtime pal Roger Stone, you can’t help thinking that we’ve got a president whose circle of associates closely resembles the guys Tony Soprano used to hang around with outside the pork shop in New Jersey.
      Stone is a proud, self-proclaimed political dirty trickster. According to the Mueller indictment, he is also a witness tamperer who once threatened to kidnap the therapy dog of an associate who had been subpoenaed to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

      all in chris hayes:
      this is extraordinary, the president in open warfare with his own intelligence chiefs ..

      From that article:

      Days after Donald Trump rode down an escalator at Trump Tower and announced he’d run for president, a little-known consulting firm with links to Israeli intelligence started gaming out how a foreign government could meddle in the U.S. political process. Internal communications, which The Daily Beast reviewed, show that the firm conducted an analysis of how illicit efforts might shape American politics. Months later, the Trump campaign reviewed a pitch from a company owned by that firm’s founder—a pitch to carry out similar efforts.
      The founder of the firm, called Wikistrat, has been questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team as they investigate efforts by foreign governments to shape American politics during the 2016 presidential campaign. Joel Zamel, a low-profile Israeli-Australian who started the firm, has deep contacts in Middle Eastern intelligence circles. There are no known publicly available pictures of him. But he met people in the upper echelons of the Trump campaign.
      In April 2016, senior Trump campaign official Rick Gates reviewed a pitch produced by a company called Psy Group, which Zamel reportedly owns. The pitch laid out a three-pronged election influence campaign that included creating thousands of fake social media accounts to support then-candidate Trump and disparage his opponents, according to The New York Times.
      After Trump became the party’s official nominee, Zamel met with Donald Trump Jr. and discussed the plan, which echoed both the real election interference already underway by the Kremlin and the scenario Wikistrat gamed out the year before.

      Hardball 1/31/2019, re Foxconn:

      That’s classic Donald Trump. You promose people the sun, the moon and the stars, and what you really do is put a couple of pebbles in their shoes ..


      In her choreographed televised interviews on Wednesday, Facebook’s chief operating officer repeatedly uttered this phrase—“safety and security”—as if she was trying to perform some sort of Jedi mind trick.

      BTW, a sort of DoubleQuoting of sea and sky in The Challenger Explosion, New Yorker, from 1986.

      Now that camera simply stared searchingly out over the blue-gray sea to where it met the blue-gray sky, like a sailor’s widow gazing endlessly at the horizon. Twenty-eight years into the space age, the sea is as much a symbol of eternity as the sky. Both have swallowed up the Challenger and its crew, leaving behind a double emptiness of sea and space.

    10. Charles Cameron Says:

      Chrons and headers to go with above:







    11. Charles Cameron Says:

      Melber, the Beat 2/1/2019
      he does not go away, he is the cockroach of american politics ..
      manafort: roger’s relationship with trump has been so interconnected, you can’t ever tell them apart, it’s hard to define what’s stone and what’s trump — but it will clearly be a trump presidency, a stone philosophy ..
      why should stone, who has his neck in the potential meat-grinder, be the one t
      [mar-e-lago] this is his spiritual home, he has to be here — the frozen waste-land of his life in washington — he wants to get away from that ..
      there were several ways that he used brass-knuckle tactics to deal with local rules, local officials ..
      they get high on their own supply ..
      does it surprise you how many of these political figures seem to tell on themselves — the evidence against them is their emails and their texts ..
      i think he thought he was leading this parade, but he’s the drum-major. he can be standing out front, but he isn’t leading this one .. [ann coulter is the leadere] ..
      here we are with pure politics, mano-a-mano, him against the speaker of the house ..
      it’s classic “bring down the temple” donald trump ..
      it’s just like when joe lewis was in the ring, boxing, and he was beating a white figure, you know, when they’re in front of white people, o my god, how sad, but inside they’re cheering, when they went home they hoorayed, the reality is black people have always had to accommodate the vicious expression, the lethal intensity of racial passions that are against us .. ****
      if we are going to criticize republicans for these instances of racial gestures, then we need to also call out our own in our party ..
      the judge has an obligation, as all judges do, to prevent this criminal trial from becoming a circus ..

    12. Charles Cameron Says:

      Chyrons and header to go with the above:





    13. Charles Cameron Says:

      Hardball, Rev Al Sharpton:

      What we see is, the Klan uniform is a terrorist uniform. You see lynching, you see bloodshed, you see people that were killed because of the color of their skin. This not some comedic kind of thing ..

      All In Chris Hayes:

      You’ve got to pay the tithe of the church of conscience ..


      In particular, in the contact sport of politics, he’s not ready for the slightest hipcheck, and now he’s calling for, you know, ambulance and water bottles ..





    14. Charles Cameron Says:

      Hardball 2/5/2019 SOTU Nnight:
      Jon Meachum:

      To me, I think we have to see the world, to a certain extent, the way Trump sees it. And I firmly believe that all of us here think of a night like this as a sequential chapter in the Woodrow Wilson stiry in which he instituted the State f the Union going to the House– this is the podium from which Theodore Roosevelt declared war, and John Kennedy said we’re going to the moon, and Lyndon Johnson said we shall overcome.
      For President Trump this is a season premiere of a new show.And he sees this as reality TV, he doesn’t see it as reality. And I think if we don’t get inside his head a little bit, we’re going to be playingby one set of rules, and he’s going to be playing by another ..


      His base now believes that Nancy Pelosi pulled his pigtails somehow..

      Chris M on Trump, like Bush before him, congratulating Pelosi on her re/election as Speaker]>

      It seems to me to be the easiest — this is like a gopher pitch in baseball, this is the easiest thing in the world to hit a home run..

    15. Charles Cameron Says:

      This must be about the most staggering chyron of all time. I gather CNN apologized for it, but even so — it’s an amazing indictment of the mentality that led to 11 deaths at the Tree of Life synagogue — horrific.

    16. Charles Cameron Says:

      Full Transcript: Stacey Abrams Democratic Rebuttal:

      Making livelihoods of our federal workers a pawn for political games is a disgrace.



    17. Grurray Says:

      It was Trump’s “better angels of our nature” speech, and his equable delivery did seem like it was going against the grain of his usual tendencies. However, the speech was successful in eliciting vocal support from both parties. The white blazer battalion in that photo was cheering something Trump said directly to them, acknowledging their accomplishments. The room erupted in a cheer of “USA, USA”, to which the Congresswomen appeared to join, or at least tolerate.
      The same chant prompted now retired Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez to storm out during last year’s speech
      It’s hard to imagine how this can lead to any bipartisanship, but the contrast between the jubilant Ocasio-Cortez and the defeated Gutierrez does signify that something different is going on for this congressional session.

    18. Charles Cameron Says:

      ?? some people view all of this as another game. it is not a game. the facts still matter, no matter what the score is ..
      FedEx ad: what we deliver by delivering .. (ourob) ..
      some losely watched democrats are making announcements about their announcements .. (ie to run for presidency; ourob)
      that spell (ie “socialist”) can’t be cast on my generation .. ***
      The Beat Melber:
      john flannery: he’s in a war, like a mobster, like the two-bit capo of some organized crime family
      michelle goldberg: there’s a sort of kabuki that goes on at a state of the union ..
      ourob?: i am falsely accused of naking false statements
      “fight for your right”
      Hardball 2/6/2019:
      7 chyron if trum
      25 rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime (ourob) ..
      26/7 panetta cyron “fights” – book title?
      33-5 3 states 2 nations (triple game)
      34-5 you can’t tell the difference between .. where .. begins and .. ends ..

      Maybe Northam resigns, but only after Fairfax or Herring resigns, allowing Northam to appoint a replacement—hopefully a woman!—before he walks the plank himself. But maybe that’s a fever dream.

    19. Charles Cameron Says:

      Hi Grurray:
      I was watching, and my impression was that Trump was praising the general notion of more women in the workplace, and that the white blazer brigade appropriated that for themselves, “yup, there are more of us here right in front of you — I don’t think they were applauding Trump but themselves, somewhat in defiance of him.
      The Atlantic, How the Women of the House Flipped the State of the Union Script;:

      It was the most unexpected moment of an otherwise dully divisive evening: a group of lawmakers taking a speech that wasn’t about them and insisting that in fact it was.
      Donald Trump, midway through his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, did a rare thing: He applied hIt was the most unexpected moment of an otherwise dully divisive evening: a group of lawmakers taking a speech that wasn’t about them and insisting that in fact it was.is habit of rhetorical excess to someone other than himself. “No one,” he said, “has benefited more from our thriving economy than women, who have filled 58 percent of the newly created jobs in the last year.” The president had apparently not been expecting the line, the statistic bolstering the broader point about the “thriving economy,” to be met with applause. The Democratic women of the House of Representatives, however—nearly all of them clad in white, the symbolic shade of women’s suffrage, as a show of political unity—applauded it anyway.
      And then, even though they weren’t supposed to, they did something else: They rose to their feet. First a few of them, then several, and finally all of them, an eddy of brightness within a sea of dark suits, the women cheering, clapping, laughing, and pointing to themselves as job-fillers—reveling in the irony that their presence in the Congressional chamber was one thing a boast-prone president really could claim credit for: Many of the women, indeed, had ended up in their new jobs precisely as a reaction to the presidency and policies of Donald Trump.
      It was that most unexpected of moments in a State of the Union event that was otherwise dully divisive: unscripted, human, fun..

      So glad there is someone reading these various chyrons, headlines & quotes, Grurray — they’re fun / educational to catch and write, good to know I’m not alone in my obsession..!

    20. Charles Cameron Says:


      this is like a domino of calamity here. you’ve got the governor now being pushed by the post to quit; the lieutenant governor charged by a woman from 2004 of sexual assault; you’ve got the #3 guy admitting to using blackface years ago in a high school escapade or whatever it was; and now you’ve got the fourth person and head of the assembly at the end of that domino line, who would become the governor .. *****

      use transcript for response
      Nicolle Wallace 2/7/2019:
      This seems to be a scandal wrapped in a scandal — I mean, this is the Justice Department ..
      Jeremy Bash: I think he’s here to make the Department of Justice the DOKO — the Department of Justice Obstruction ..
      If what he says tomorrow sounds like In expectation of Executive Privilege quack quack quack, we know he’s trying to hide something ..
      It’s a different sheriff in town — they have the gavel, and it’s different ..
      this will be his (whitaker’s) first time at the rodeo ..
      He sees being President as King ..
      You saw Nancy Pelosi essentially dog-walked him with stiletto heels for thirty-five days .. *****
      When they ask the kind of questions they want to they’ll hear Executive Privilege and the subpoena is not a silver bullet, because it’s going to trigger a long, arduous and not necessarily successful court fight..
      I think that’s what’s so interesting about this green new deal resolution is that it’s notnecessarily policy, and there’s not a path, a political path tomit becoming policy, but it’s a broad scope, as she said, and an outline to sort of move the chess pieces to get enough organizing power to get sponsors ..
      the beat 2/7/2039
      Alicia Menendez re AOC: She’s jiu-jitsued the Republicans in terms of taking their strategy around messaging and applying it to some of the issues she cares about ..
      rachel 2/7/2019
      rep swalwell on cttee interview acting atty general whitaker tomorrow:

      It’s a damage assessment of the rule of law .. is it still standing after two years of a wrecking ball being taaken to it, and very little congressional oversight on the rule of law?

      the rolling slow-motion story thst mueller is telling us .. dramatic in each coiurt appearance ..
      Trump, SOTU:

      If there’s going to be peace and cooperation, there can’t be war and investigation — it doesn’t work that way .


    21. Charles Cameron Says:

      football player .. run out the clock ..collins: dog and pony show ..
      31 he hasn’t really had his hand on the throttlenof the (mueller)investigation ..
      he came ready for a fight ..
      he’s going to backwalk and equivocate and frankly be combative ..
      he came out of the gate pretty hard ..
      39 there are contingency plans on contingency plans ..
      40 nobody is playing nice here ..
      i don’t want to say one person’s Executive Privilege is another person’s Obstruction of Justice ..
      55: this is the opening salvo of a long, long, long battle
      14 he (POTUS) would not get into the question of whether there’d be a subpoena battle ..
      2/8/2019 Ari Beat
      Trump may have some moves ..

      2/8/2019 Hardball:
      I’m in Wahington where President Trump and his allies are under siege on multiple fronts and have launched new counterattacks ..
      This story can be seen as yet another battle in a larger war between Trump allies and his critics ..
      the company has acknowledgee using the practice called “Catch and kill”
      prematurely dancing on his grave ..
      it seems like trump came to office with this rogues gallery ..
      13 he unleashes his dogs, his photographers, etc., and he puts it all together and he goes to war . .
      21-2: all of our intelligence agencies also put the blood on the hand of MBS, puts the gun, the knife in the hands of MBS ..
      52 [virginia scandals] : this is getting worse and it’s spiraling now worse and worse .. [spiral]
      58: devin nunez who did cartwheels serving the interestss of this president .. ***
      this country has been riding too long on one wheel ..
      All In, Chris Hayes:
      04 [Whitaker]: when he was a football player, and I can certainly see him as a football player, he was a tight end, and that’s generally a blocker, a tight end in the Iowa program. He was a blocker today too, he’s still in the same role he was when he played for the Iowa Hawkeyes .. *****
      He was putting on a show ..
      14/15: What happened today may look like a freak show to 50-60% of the country ..

      The administration may be at war with us; we are not at war with the administration ..

    22. Charles Cameron Says:

      What to Stream This Weekend: Zazie Beetz in “Sollers Point,” A Movie Prison Outside of Prison:

      Porterfield’s drama is, in effect, about the prison outside of prison, which is to say, the prison within—the one that the formerly incarcerated carry around with them long after they’ve been released.

      How SoftBank ate the world

      Led by the charismatic Masayoshi Son, Japanese conglomerate SoftBank’s Vision Fund is taking over tech, one company at a time. This is the story of what happens if the disruptors are disrupted



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