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Laughing at, and respecting, Sebastian Gorka

[ by Charles Cameron — Seb Gorka follows me on Twitter, and I have an affectionate appreciation of the man and his history, despite my strong disagreements with many of his policy utterances ]

I pulled this out of one of my longer chyrons and metaphors posts, so you’ll find screen-grabs aplenty here. Laugh at Seb Gorka in a liberal way you may, but if you do, please hang in there for the life-story Seb Gorka tells at the end of this post. It’s where I firm up my respect for the man.


Special: let’s have a little fun with Seb Gorka, then hear his story:

Chris Hayes:

The one and only Sebastian Gorka


The one and only Sebastian Gorka, late of the Trump White House, still has the Art War mobilr

Is that Sun Tzu, or Picasso‘s Guernica?


although after his speech today, the time on his parking meter is over


What kind of jackbooted thug would ticket the Gorka??

Enough fun. I have considerable sympathy for Seb Gorka because of the life-story he narrates in this clip around 0.57, from which I’ll just post one or two sentences here:

Russia, we have to remember, is run by a former KGB colonel. That’s the sort of person who would be torturing freedom-fighters like my father in the basement of the Headquarters of the KGB.

Seb Gorka:

That’s the reality.

His hatred of Russia is personal, tragic, and well-founded.

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