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Chyrons, metaphors, headlines 23

[by Charles Cameron — warning shot, square off, rattle, hit, roast, eviscerate ]

CNN’s Situation Room first, because I see it while waiting for my seat in the dialysis clinic:



I’m crowding the Melber chyrons &c up at the top, not in any particular order, and will follow them qith Melber quotes.

If these {State] charges stick that itself could be check mate for Manafort’s strategy, and to the extent Trump is going along with it, whatever Trump hopes to get out of that.

David Corn:

It’s a dessert topping and a floor wax. I mean, they’re both really gigantic stories..


You are not pardon proof ..


Caroline Fredrickson:

I think this is like a Russian nesting doll, and you keep opening one and you find another Russian nesting doll, and another one inside, and we’re going to find who’s at the very center oof this, and it might be the President.


It’s fascinating, and you could reverse the nestying dolls, and say you have Mueller and Andrew Weissmann, but now you also have SDNY, Berman and Khuzami, and then you now have Cy Vance. So you also have prosecutor nesting dolls, no




Betsy Woodruff:

Trump joins an ignominious group of people. As soon as he hired Paul Manafort, he basically joined a League of Bond Villains as far as the people who Manafort had represented prior to Trump. Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russian Ukrainian president, Jonas Savimbi, an Angolan warlord who used child soldiers, Sonny [..], who did torture for the Marcos, who literally stole billions of dollars from the people of the Philippines, and now Donald Trump is also part of that pantheon.

[ see also Manafort’s long and sordid history of working for the world’s worst people ]

He’s gotta be Moses to get through this thing [ Manafort, sentence upon sentence ]

Rep Raja Krishnamoorthi [re Matt WHitaker]:

I heard Mr Whitaker was a body-builder; he’s been doing some heavy lifting for the President.

Chris M:

What do you think about Obstruction of Justice as heavy lifting?

Sen. Claire McCaskill

We’ve got a guy in the Oval Office who listens to nobody but himself and the mirror

Chris M:

Three strikes you’re out, Mr President ..

All In Chris Hayes:

Natasha Bertrand:

By keeping the pardon on the table.. that is something that has been refrained throughout this entire ordeal is that we’re not discussing this now, but we’re not taking it off the table. That’s nothing short of a wink and a nod..

Harry Littlam:

People often draw the analogy to the mob and Goodfellas, but I’ve been struck it’s more like Married to the Mob. These are a bunch of real kind of nickel and dimeing kind of — shysters would be the formal legal word. And yes, it really is at times a kind of burlesque. There’s no dignity in Presidential crime any more, it seems.

A mobster comes before me, Your honor, my client here, when he said “sleep with the fishes” he meant that the deadd man in question booked a room next to the aquarium. Like, we understand the code..

Rachel Maddow TRMS:


Nicolle 3/14/2019:

What may be happening is less of a grand finale and more of a relay race, handing of batons .

Church Rosenberg

The angels’in the details..

You’re right, we like patterns, because patterns evince intent, and intent is how we convict

David McCraw:

Fake news is an evil genius, as a bit of politicala theater, because it seems like a search for truth when it’s the opposite ..


Well, that’s more than enough, and I have more to come..

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