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Best catch of the week

[ by Charles Cameron — stunned — gun, whiskey, rattler — and a personal uranium stash? ]

And the prize for best catch of the week goes to the Guthrie, Oklahoma PD cops who made a traffic stop for expired tags, found the vehicle was stolen, and discovered within it: a firearm, an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey, a rattlesnake, and some powdered uranium.

Stephen Jennings was arrested for allegedly driving a stolen vehicle with rattlesnake and uranium inside.

It makes us wonder:

Jennings, of Logan County, told officers that he had the uranium because he recently purchased a Geiger counter to test metals, and the chemical element came with the purchase. He joked with officers that he was trying to create a “super snake,” Gibbs added. [ .. ]

The uranium did not result in charges because Jennings was in possession of a legal amount.


One Response to “Best catch of the week”

  1. Cheryl Rofer Says:

    This story is from two months back and somehow got legs on Twitter today.
    People freak out at the mention of the word “uranium,” but it’s not that much worse than the word “lead.”

    The firearm contained lead bullets, made from a known poison and used in bullets because of its deadly density.

    You don’t see that quote much. Uranium is very slightly radioactive, as probably are some of the rocks in your yard. What he had in the car, if he is to be believed in his reasonable explanation, probably is less dangerous in terms of radiation dose than an airplane flight.
    I wish reporters would get educated on this. It’s not that hard.

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