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Moises Naim claims Kerry will be forced to do pretty much what Bush is doing. Senator Kerry himself has just begun to lay out his own national security and foreign policy vision in a planned series of speeches.

So far, as Kerry is prescribing a more multilateral,” soft-power” accented version of the Bush Doctrine, Naim seems to be correct. However people are policy. How a Kerry administration staffed by Samuel Berger, Madeleine Albright, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Sam Nunn and John McCain would carry out this policy is apt to be very different from a Kerry administration staffed by Warren Christopher, Tony Lake, Strobe Talbot and other internationalist-doves that Kerry has seemed to agree with for most of his career.

The key question is: Did the Kosovo War and 9/11 worked a fundamental change in Democratic Party foreign policy assumptions or is the anti-war, anti-military, anti-DLC, Vietnam syndrome mentality that fueled the Howard Dean candidacy still the authentic soul of the party ?

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