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I’m headed to Boston Saturday morning and then on to New Hampshire and Maine, perhaps with a short jaunt to Nova Scotia.  When I return in a week I’ll have some posts on cultivating strategic thinking, the memetic danger posed by Europe’s transnationally progressive” Kantian rule-sets” and some more thoughts on PNM – particularly on the Big Chores of the Small Wars of the Gap.

In the meantime check out Soxblog and Flit(tm) , now added to the blogroll.  Both were featured recently on Dr. Barnett’s blog and T.M. Lutas had very astute observations regarding the Europeans in the comments today. If you are interested blogging at the Democratic Convention with an emphasis on that party’s Foreign Policy issues, particularly those of the Mideast, visit Kirk Johnson’s U.S. Amnesia blog.

See you in August !

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