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Very seldom do I blog about anything outside of the realm of foreign policy, politics and education but I have an anecdotal experience to relate that might be of interest to anyone out there who trains with weights in a serious way. If you don’t care about weightlifting, go explore my blogroll or better yet, get off your computer and go do something constructive ;o)

I’ve trained for around 20 years shifting from bodybuilding to powerlifting and strength regimes and back again, managing, over time to lift some ” respectable ” poundages including a close to 500 lb bench press. Last year I was starting a training cycle to get up to a 600 lb deadlift again when I ruptured a bicep tendon, bringing my training to a swift and devastating halt. Ouch !

After several months of rehab followed by a couple more months of very high rep reconditioning training to restore muscle function and some lost size I was able to resume a more normal weight training schedule. I have missed, as anyone who has done real power training, the edgy, adrenaline rush, feeling of using poundages that flirt with my limit stength and the physical response to the muscles that ensues only when you are working in sets above a 95 % 1rm. Exercising great caution, I have managed to push some of my sets back into the 92% range but the feeling still wasn’t quite ” there “.

Recently, with enormous skepticism, I picked up a NO2 supplement – basically Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate and Arginine-Ketoisocarporate – a simple compound of a free form Amino acid and substrates ( if I recall correctly) for the Krebs cycle. I’ve used it for a few weeks and I can report the following effects have occurred consistently:

Hemodilation – a feeling of having a ” pump” that lasts 2-3 hours.

Greatly increased muscular endurance (i.e. more ” reps”) but no discernable improvement in limit strength.

Significantly diminished sensation of lactic acid build-up ( the ” burn”)

To give you an idea of my training loads, this was my last shoulder work out using NO2:

Military Press to Front – Smith Machine

135lbs x 40 reps, 225 x 25 reps, 315 x 18 reps, 365 x 12 reps, 405 x 5 reps x 2 sets

Dumbell Rear Lateral raise – Triple Drop extended set

80 lb x 8/ 50 x 8/ 35 x 10 – 3 sets

One Arm Dumbell Side Lateral raise – Drop set

50 x 12/ 35 x 12 – 3 sets

Afterwards, instead of feeling like my muscles had been beaten with metal pipes like they usually do, I felt relatively unfatigued as if I had ” held back “. This wasn’t mind-blowing but I found it to be a very positive response, sort of like restoring the ” quick recovery ” capability my muscles had as a teenager or during my early twenties.

So, if you happen to train, NO2 would appear to be a step up from the usual nutrition supplements crowding the sehelves of your local health food store.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Took 2 capsules of NO2 2 hours prior to 1st workout in about 5 years. Stacked the NO2 dose 1.5 hours afterwards with one capsule of CE2 – worked out about 30 mins later. Workout was 35-40 mins in duration and consisted of 5 minute warmup. Went for overall upperbody workout, including biceps (curls), triceps (cable tricep pull down), chest (incline, flat, flys) and back (lat pull down both behind neck and in front of neck). 30 mins upon completion of workout took 1 scoop equuling ~27.5g protein (half serving of Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex 55g). Following morning took another 1 scoop of protein powder in morning. Drank about 80+ oz of water during the day. Around 5pm that day followed up with another 2 NO2 capsules however did not work out this day, my right arm was very sore. Around 2 hours later had no CE2 but did have another 1 scoop of Pro Complex protein.

    I have not worked out since the 35-40 mins on Thursday, I have not taken any NO2 or CE2 or protein powder since Friday afternoon. Friday evening the extreme soreness in my right arm went away and my left arm was sore, then lats became sore. Then right arm again all at the same time.

    Sunday my chest has become sore in addition to my biceps and triceps – lats not so sore anymore.

    It is very noticable that “still” on Sunday my arms and swollen, sore and tight – the pump will not go away!

    It is noteworthy that prior to NO2 and in my past experiences working out I was able to get a “pump” very easily without any supplements – as you can also see my 2 capsules per day is a far cry from the recommended 4 capsules morning and 4 evening. I couldn’t imaging if I had taken even one capsule more.

    Is this normal? I actually want to get off this pump and back to normal. How do I make the pump go away – should I keep taking protein? I want to lay off the NO2 for now until I get back to a normal state.

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