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Monday Musings…..

Somewhat overloaded at the moment with many small tasks so my blogging efforts are likely to be erratic this week. Here are some fragmentary efforts:

I just finished reading The Hunt for KSM and will be reviewing it, hopefully, in a few days and I’m moving on to the much talked about The Snake-Eaters, by Owen West.

Speaking of which, Carl Prine has an intense interview with Major West which follows on the heels of the one at SWJ conducted by Peter J. Munson (also a Major….guess it was a “major” interview 🙂 )

For the Boydians out there, Dr. Chet Richards and Chuck Spinney have released a newly edited version of Colonel John Boyd’s famous brief, Patterns of Conflict.

Dr. Venkat Rao has excellent observations for communicating effectively, with impact (really, for refining thought).

That’s it.

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