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Gorilla in the Mist sandwich

[ by Charles Cameron — on blindspots ]

Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman and Eileen Sullivan, NYPD’s spying programs yielded only mixed results, AP, Dec. 23, 2011:

When New York undercover officers and informants were infiltrating a mosque in Queens in 2006, they failed to notice the increasingly radical sentiments of a young man who prayed there. Police also kept tabs on a Muslim student group at Queens College, but missed a member’s growing anti-Americanism.

Those two men, Najibullah Zazi at the mosque and Adis Medunjanin at the school, would go on to be accused of plotting a subway bombing that officials have called the most serious terrorist threat to the United States since Sept. 11, 2001.


Keep careful score if you haven’t seen this already — and a quick refresher if you have:


JM Berger, PATCON: The FBI’s Secret War Against the ‘Patriot’ Movement, and How Infiltration Tactics Relate to Radicalizing Influences:

Meanwhile, Timothy McVeigh literally drove through the middle of PATCON’s investigative landscape without attracting notice. McVeigh interacted with members and associates of the targeted groups, but there is no evidence that the intelligence collected by PATCON ever came into play during the investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City federal building bombing.

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