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In all likelihood this will do little good because we are dealing with barbarians but these barbarians have shown themselves to be vulnerable to international pressure to some degree in the past. They are not loved by their own people and feel American power on their necks so lets add to it shall we ?

In Iran, a woman named Hajiyeh Esmaelvand is going to be buried up to her neck in the ground and a mob of Islamist religious fanatics are going to throw stones at her head until she is dead.

One small daily slice in an Islamist tyranny but Ms. Esmaelvand is ” fortunate” in the sense that an international campaign has mobilized on her behalf to publicize her case and pressure the Iranian government to not carry out this form of medieval cruelty.

If you would care to sign the petition against stoning women to death, sign here.

If you would prefer to write the powerless figurehead who serves as window dressing for the corrupt, hardline, clique around ” Supreme Guide” Khameini, you can write the President of Iran at:


Or help clog up his Fax line, if you are particularly motivated:

0098 21 649 5880

As I said, it probably won’t do much good but on the bright side a hapless woman may be spared a grisly death and the forces of darkness and brutality in Iran will receive a political setback.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Because the things are so easily faked, signing online petitions is like urinating in a black wetsuit. It gives you a nice warm feeling and nobody notices. Nevertheless, I’ll be e-mailing Khatami later today. Thanks for the heads-up.

    — Matt McIntosh

  2. mark Says:

    Anytime Matt ! Thanks !

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