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Front man for a number of bizarre, tiny, Communist sects, former Attorney-General Ramsey Clark, has joined the legal defense team of Saddam Hussein. Clark, as usual, managed to get both his basic facts and the legal principles involved completely wrong in his press statement.

Was Clark this screwed up when LBJ nominated him or did he wander into the crackpot zone only after leaving office ?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    When Clark took the office of Attorney General under Johnson, I remember that he said he would enforce only laws that he approved of. Some of us thought that was a poor attitude for an Attorney General.

  2. mark Says:

    “Some of us thought that was a poor attitude for an Attorney General.”

    But an excellent attitude for a member of History’s elect vanguard.

    Someday, the files are going to open wide and we’ll probably find that Clark and ppl like him failed their FBI background checks and the FBI/Secret Service were overruled by good liberals who took a dim view of anticommunism.

    Thank-you for that tid-bit. I didn’t know that one but it wasn’t surprising.

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