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Please Welcome Our New Zenpundit Co-Blogger, Charles Cameron

A lighthearted exchange in the comments section here last week prompted a reconsideration of the future of this blog. In a modest way, Zenpundit as a personal solo project had a good run.  It is time to move forward and initiate some changes. Perhaps, many changes.

First and foremost, I would like to start by welcoming Charles Cameron as co-blogger. Over the past year or so, Charles has been an increasingly frequent guest poster here, introduced with the short bio:

Charles Cameron is the regular guest-blogger at Zenpundit, and has also posted at Small Wars Journal, All Things Counterterrorism, for the Chicago Boyz Afghanistan 2050 roundtable and elsewhere.  Charles read Theology at Christ Church, Oxford, under AE Harvey, and was at one time a Principal Researcher with Boston University’s Center for Millennial Studies and the Senior Analyst with the Arlington Institute

There is more to Charles than that, which he will make evident in due time. His deep knowledge of theology and comparative religious culture, social psychology and powers of horizontal thinking would make Charles Cameron a welcome addition to any blog, magazine, editorial staff or university faculty. I am extremely pleased to have him here as an author because the insights that Charles can bring to bear on contemporary issues will extend the analytical reach and audience of Zenpundit.

 His body of work here simply speaks for itself.

I’d like to thank Joseph Fouche, T. Greer and Scott Shipman for nudging me in this direction. Also, Lexington Green, who years earlier encouraged me to bring the period of solo blogging to an end and who cordially invited me to break bread at his home with Charles. Sage advice, all.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Cameron.

18 Responses to “Please Welcome Our New Zenpundit Co-Blogger, Charles Cameron”

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  3. Fred Leland Says:

    Great idea Zen I have learned much from reading your Blog and your followers comments and insights. It will be great to see Zenpundit.com evolve with the likes of Charles Cameron Blogging  his thoughts and ideas here. It can only bring more to the learning that take splace here at Zenpundit.

  4. Eddie Says:

    This is an excellent development, especially with your higher visibility over the past few years. Cameron’s posts have been exceptional and the sharp wit of a few have definitely at times made a bad day almost tolerable. 

  5. J. Scott Says:

    Excellent decision; congratulations!

  6. historyguy99 Says:

    Bravo Zulu!

    The zenpundit is moving into the territory of a zen retreat where your readers can find insight from two masters of the intersection of ideas.

  7. scott butki Says:

    Great addition. Charles always has something interesting to say

  8. Charles Cameron Says:

    Thanks, Zen. I feel very grateful to you for this invitation, and fortunate to be able to join you here. I should be out the door in a minute or two to visit with my boys, but just wanted to post this quick word of thanks to you. I’m honored and delighted — cheers!

  9. Lexington Green Says:

    Good to see this.  

  10. Joseph Fouche Says:

    Thus passes an whole emerging sub-genre of institutionalized guest blogger (like the PRI) jokes, too beautiful to endure. Congratulations to Zen, Charles, and the entire Zenpundit community on a wonderful development and we all look forward to future posts. 

  11. onparkstreet Says:

    This is a great idea! Fantastic. Networks, not alliances, networks….
    (Networks is my new favorite idea.)
    – Madhu

  12. zen Says:

    Hey Doc Madhu,
    You might like Valdis Krebs then

  13. Chris C Says:

    Great idea, look forward to reading the new posts.

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  15. Surya Prakash Says:

    Hello Zen!

    I am here because of Charles.

    Will walk along.


  16. Charles Cameron Says:

    Greetings, respected friend Surya Prakash!
    I’m delighted to find Dr Surya Prakash Vinjamuri here — he’s someone I respect and have come to feel great affection for as we have corresponded over the years on the SocialEdge site.
    Dr Vinjamuri and his wife Dr SV Kameswari run Life Health Reinforcement Group (Life-HRG) in Hyderabad, and this short video clip shows you one aspect of their work — providing an open kitchen for the hungry and needy in their neighborhood. I wish I could post the video itself here, the clip only runs a minute or so, but I haven’t been able to find an embed code for it, so the link will have to suffice.
    In any case, Surya Prakash is a valued friend, and it is a distinct pleasure to read him here… 

  17. zen Says:

    Greetings Dr. Surya – any friend of Charles is most welcome here!

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