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Twin serpents bite their tails with Barbara Ehrenreich

[ by Charles Cameron — a double instance of form signalling significant (!) content ]

Here are two self-referential quotes from Barbara Ehrenreich‘s Guardian post today, In America, only the rich can afford to write about poverty — the first being the title of her piece, the second a sentence from it:

SPEC DQ Ehrenreich

As I have noted before, whenever you see a property of form such as the ouroboros or serpent biting its tail, pay attention: something of significance may well be going on. Further, if a pattern such as this crops up in writing, painting, cinema, etc, it’s a likely indicator of an artist who values the medium as well as the message.

And that goes double when the same pattern is displayed twice.


Oh, and once you’ve read Ehrenreich’s piece, please feel free to pay me to write about the things I am both passionate and informed about..

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