Meanwhile on planet Plantagenet

[ by Charles Cameron — a DoubleQuote too far — or too good to miss? ]


On the benfits of having been British, even if it was a while back..

Toujours ce clivage #Politique entre l'Ouest et l'Est de la #France

√Čtrange similitude entre le vote #Macron & le royaume plantagenet ??

— Cyrotonus (@Cyrotonus) April 23, 2017

If Le Pen wants to win, maybe she could run on a policy of giving Henry II's holdings to the Queen? H/t @thomasknox

— Tom Holland (@holland_tom) April 24, 2017


Looks like we Brits would get to reclaim Eleanor‘s Aquitaine.. and it’s hard for me to tell, but I fear we’d miss out on Carcassonne of the Cathars..

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  1. Grurray:

    I was on the fence about Le Pen, but if she’s prepared to grant me right of return to reclaim the titular holdings of long long lost Uncle Count Raymond then I’ll throw the full weight of my support behind her efforts.

  2. Graham:

    Not being familiar with French political geography, I wondered what united her wins in the industrial north and east with those in the south, and with the narrow corridor linking them on some maps. This seems as good as any reason…
    Of note, looking at the versions on the Wikipedia page, the map of who was 2nd place in any given district is all over the map [heh] by comparison.

  3. Cheryl Rofer:

    I almost made a similar comment on Twitter, Charles!