Kavanaugh, last chance

[ by Charles Cameron — between the cloture vote and the final Senate nomination vote on Judge Kavanaugh for the USSC, a moral moment ]


Two to be read in counterpoint:

  • Brett Kavanaugh, I Am an Independent, Impartial Judge
  • Brett Kavanaugh, The Judge as Umpire: Ten Principles
  • **

    Judge Kavanaugh‘s extended description of the function of the judge as umpire deserves its place right alongside his recent op-ed apologia and apology — indeed it’s interesting to see an apology within an apologia, which, as Cardinal Newman well knew, is not inherently about apologizing but an apologia pro vita sua or [proactive] defence of one’s own life — both as an expanded sports and politics metaphor, and as an urgent indicator within which to frame his op-ed.

    Now is decision time: consider these two in tandem.


    With Sens. Collins’ and Manchin’s Yes votes now declared shortly after I posted the above, the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court seems all but assurred.

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    1. Karlie McWilliams:

      The decision for me is easy. There are two cases in lower courts that may very well be appealed to the Supreme Court:

      1. A trans woman is now able to be fired for being trans in one state.
      2. A court just ruled that trans people must be allowed to use the bathroom of their gender.

      I am highly concerned that Kavanaugh would vote against my interests in both cases. I am equally certain that he will be approved.

    2. Charles Cameron:

      Well, you’ve certainly been proven right on your second certainty, Karlie..