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Moment of Poetic Justice, huzzah!

[ by Charles Cameron — a non-alcoholic Monday morning pick-me-up ]

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Rooney Literary Prize, for more reasons than one — first, for an exemplary example of life imitating art..

Second: that’s wonderful!

And huzzah! is a polite, secular hallelujah!



  • Good Will Hunting:
  • Washington Post, This author also works as a janitor.
  • See also:

  • Quartz, A prestigious university just awarded a literary prize to one of its janitors

  • it was the fact that Lally scrubs lecture halls, offices, and a library at Trinity every morning, rising at 4:45 am, and cleaning from 6 am to 9:30 am, before returning home to care for her infant daughter, that brought her international media attention.
  • **

    Nota bene: I am not the first to note the parallel between Good Will Hunting‘s plot line and this year’s Rooney Prize story — but the pair of them also make for an exemplary DoubleQuote example, eh?

    One Response to “Moment of Poetic Justice, huzzah!”

    1. Sally Benzon Says:

      School and janitors: a friend who worked as a substitute teacher in the Philadelphia public schools happened to stay late enough after the day to see the janitor come through. Because my friend’s experience was frequently with the most difficult students, he asked the janitor what he thought the school was/wasn’t doing to address the students’ challenges: his reply, well, the school just keeps doing the same thing over and over.

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