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A collection of good topics tonight:

The ubiquitous praktike (who was kind enough to link here) on the limits of democracy promotion.

Stuart Berman gets down with a battle of the Toms – Barnett vs. Friedman !( I think I hear Dr. Barnett wincing all the way from here).

Dr. Demarche on how unreasonable environmentalism kills African children.

Pundita on the Mandarins of State and John Bolton.

Prometheus6 on machines that can read your state of mind.

Lord Curzon on the agony of Nepal.

2 Responses to “”

  1. Mithras Says:

    I see Dr. Demarche has never read Tim Lambert. I think I’ll go acquaint him.


  2. mark Says:

    Bringing ppl together is what I do ;o)

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