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I am going out of town for most of next week and will not be reading email or blogging for the interim. Should be back online sometime on Friday.

In the meantime, a few links to keep you busy:

Bill Roggio -“Al Qaeda’s Pakistan Sanctuary

General Tariq Gilani -“US-Pakistan Relations: The Way Forward

PINR – “Pakistan’s Strategic Goals and the Deteriorating Situation in Afghanistan

Jamestown Foundation -“GIMF Releases New Doctrinal Lessons for Mujahideen

Jim Baker -“Systems Thinking and Counterinsurgencies

Max Boot – “Create a U.S. foreign legion

Foreign Policy -“Who Wins in Iraq?”

Special Note: The excellent Kent’s Imperative intel blog is once again active.

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  1. Eddie Says:

    Safe travels. I find Boot’s argument persuasive, especially considering the need for boots on the ground with exceptional cultural understanding of the people, the enemy and the neighbors.

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