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Mrs. Zenpundit and returned late last night to a quiet O’Hare airport after a much needed vacation. An elderly member of the SS Woman’s Auxillary posing as a TSA employee had created enormous lines at the security checkpoint of our departure point by personally rifling through carry on bags and weighing half-used tubes of hair gel and sun bloc in her hand to guesstimate if they were under the 3.5 oz carry on limit. I feel so much safer as a result, knowing that should a terrorist really try to bring 3.6 + ounces of nitroglycerine aboard a plane, somewhere, at some airport, there will be a pair of patent leather shoes, emitting wisps of smoke, sitting next to a metal detector.

The flight itself proceeded without undue delay or nonsense but the crowded conditions, heat ( the AC seemed to be barely working) and lack of food reminded one of a summer camp school bus with wings.

Catching up on email and the posts of blogrfriends that went up in my absence. Will have substantive posts up later today.

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  1. subadei Says:

    I think the term “customer service” has been tossed out the window as far as air travel is concerned. It’s become something more along the lines of livestock transport. Only I’m certain Holsteins enjoy a good deal more leg room.
    Good to see you back.

  2. Dan tdaxp Says:

    Welcome back!

    (Sorry your experience with the TSA was not so pleasant as mine…)

  3. mark Says:

    Hi Subadei

    I have to say that air travel, even when everything goes correctly as our flights did, is unnecessarily, obnoxiously, unpleasant.

    It also occurs to me that American air carriers, in terms of comfort, are going to soon be where .Aeroflot was circa 1978

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