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WIRED has the article online now.

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  1. subadei Says:

    Fascinating and a bit worrying. From a business perspective, radical transparency seems a relief to the average consumer, especially in light of Enron-esque scandals.

    What of the personal standpoint? Not so much from the chronological perspective of now, but that of the future. How far should transparency go?

  2. mark Says:

    That’s a great question. Most of which that is kept secret, really isn’t very important, or even interesting, beyond the immediate principals involved in “office politics”.

    Another question for issues of proprietary projects, do they win or lose in terms of opening up ? Will the free-lance suggestions of the interested, informed, observers outweigh the costs of competitors looking on ?

    Will compannies create ” misdirection” projects simply to mislead competitors the way the U.S. screwed around with the Soviet bloc spies ( recall the goofy Soviet version o the Space Shuttle ? That was intentional misdirection)

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