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Squared off against The Firstborn and the Son of Zenpundit yesterday in a running supersoaker gun battle, occasionally involving the use of heavy artillery (the hose) and antipersonnel mines ( the sprinkler) by a winded Zenpundit, who denies any violations of the Geneva Convention.

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  1. subadei Says:

    Next time surprise them with a few grenades (water balloons.)

  2. Eddie Says:

    Ambush or preemptive war?

  3. mark Says:

    I’d say it was definitely an ambush as I had to initially retreat to an interior line of defense and find the spare supersoaker in the Son of Zenpundit’s toybox

  4. Dave Schuler Says:

    I have been forbidden under threat of extreme displeasure not to post on my blog that my wife bought us his-and-hers Supersoakers for our wedding anniversary. Well, that she bought a pair of Supersoakers on our wedding anniversary, is actually true 😉

  5. mark Says:

    Fortunately for me, Mrs. Zenpundit seldoms takes an interest in the blog due to alleged ” egghead” content, so-called.

    Feel free to spread your wings here Dave !! :o)

  6. dona julia Says:

    If I were there, I would have joined forces with Son of ZP and Firstborn, just to relive my days of childhood. And to get you back from all the prior uses of heavy artillery and other uses of torture (throwing one into the pool)!

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