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As the dreaded Four-Zero raises it’s head on my own horizon, I am much relieved to hear that Shane has declared ” Forty is the New Twenty!”.

Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday Shane!

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  1. Sean Says:

    dang, you guys are old! đŸ˜‰

    (i’ll be 36 in january)

    50 gets younger every year…

  2. deichmans Says:

    I would have sworn that Sean isn’t a day over 29 looking at the avatar in his profile! Now I can call him (and half-my-age tdaxp đŸ™‚ “young’uns”.

  3. mark Says:

    Hi Shane,

    Looking at Shane’s avatar reminds me that there is some mysterious blogosphere-goatee correlation….

    Hi Sean,

    Curled 155 for sets of 10 today, then did a couple sets of 175 for a few. :o)

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