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  1. deichmans Says:

    I dunno, Zen… I have to wonder about a “Disciplined Mind” that inserts “Art” and “History” between “Math” and “Science”…. 🙂

  2. mark Says:

    LOL! Have not read the book yet; Gardner can wander into fuzziness but I think the pic is another guy’s rendition, not Gardner’s.

  3. Sean Says:

    love the mind map. thought you did it…

  4. mark Says:

    Hi Sean,

    Ha! No, then I’d have to either move the PPT slide onto slideshare or host it on Mrs. Zen’s server which is too much effort compared to lazily linking from Google.

  5. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    Interesting graphic.

    Are these separate people, needing to be brought into interaction; or, one person with different cognitive modes needing to be brought into harmony? or compartmentalized?

    Inquiring minds want to know. (That’s the sixth type! Or a subset of the others…)

  6. mark Says:

    Hi Curtis,

    I can only offer a plea for time – being put on the bookpile only guarantees it will be read – though for professional reasons I can add that I will read it soon.

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