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Top Billing! Bruce Kesler at Democracy Project – “Congress: Lawfare Vs. Warfare

Jason at Armchair Generalist – “William Gibson’s Spook Country” and “Casual Fridays review of John Robb’s Brave New War.

Dr. Sam Crane at The Useless Tree – “Childhood

CKR at Whirledview -“The Bloggers Develop US Nuclear Policy” (More on this later….)

Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett – “Email: exception on Iran” and “More Iran email

Max Boot at Contentions – “Giuliani vs. Edwards

Garr Reynolds at Presentation Zen – “Interconnectedness and “becoming the Buddha”

SWJ Blog – “Strategist Behind War Gains

Studies in Intelligence – “The Intelligence Community’s Neglect of Strategic Intelligence

Der Spiegel – “Hope and Despair in Divided Iraq” ( Hat tip to CavGuy at The SWC)

PARAMETERS – “Iran and the United States: The Emerging Security Paradigm in the Middle East” (PDF) by Gawdat Bahgat and “Epochal Change: War Over Social and Political Organization ” by Dr. Robert J. Bunker

The Jamestown Foundation – “The Father of the Taliban: An Interview with Maulana Sami ul-Haq

SEED – “Rise of RoboEthics: Grappling with the implications of an artificially intelligent culture

ScienceDaily -“Cognitive Revolution: Integrating Computing, Nanotech, Simulation And You
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